I think something wrong with my gig


I’m an level two seller and I have 17+reviews on my profile.
Since December my gig is not getting orders like it had before.I tried everything to get some orders but nothing working.So I think something wrong with my gig but I cant figure what it is.


Are people clicking on or viewing your gig but not ordering?
Where does your gig appear on the search results?
When you say you’ve tried everything, what exactly have you tried?
Are you sending buyer request offers?
Can you provide a link so we can easily look.


I’m getting up to 50 views and 20 clicks impression 300 if I share it on social media . Other wise its lower then 10.
I’m not sure how to answer second question.
changed gallery pic and details and added video to my gig.promoted my profile and gig on social media and created more gigs.
I’m sending offers to buyer request.
here is a link to my gig https://www.fiverr.com/suriaprakash19/create-unique-logo-for-you


I think the problem is probably that in the last 4 months you’ve had some less than 5 star reviews that’s impacted your positive rating. Logo design category is difficult and you’ve done well so far. I would suggest that you try something drastic to liven up your gig description so that when people do click on your gig, they have a high chance of ordering. There are a few of us that don’t think videos help in some categories so if it seems your video isn’t working, then try it for a while without the video. You could consider hiring a copywriter to add some spin to your gig description and make it stand out from the other logo design gig descriptions.