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I think that there are more sellers on fivrr as compared to buyer

I THINK THAT THERE ARE MORE SELLERS ON FIVRR AS COMPARED TO BUYER that is the reason why many talented seller not getting oders.What do you Think


Yes, I completely agree! I think this is the case because Fiverr charges a service fee for buyers but doesn’t take a cut away from the sellers.

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Fiverr takes a 20% cut from sellers’ earnings.


Of course, because so many people in the world think that they can make easy money with fiverr and come here even without a knowledge, creating their account and hoping that fiverr will do everything for them.

Unfortunately it will always be more people who want easy money than people who need real services to buy.


fivrr also take 20 percent from the seller [magsmarketing]

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Totally agree with you on this.

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But how you measured the number of buyers :thinking:

How do you know how many buyers there are on fiverr?
Sure there are a lot of sellers with the same gigs in the same niches and its pretty saturated marketplace.