I think the algorithm situation has been solved


Fiverr looks much more stable these days. I don’t see too many people complaining. So while not everyone is happy, many are still very dissatisfied, can we conclude that there isn’t the same level of desperation as before?


I think the word ‘resignation’ sums up things pretty well. Changes have happened. People have resigned to them.


My numbers have not returned to where they were before the algorithm change. So… I am just waiting to see if it rebuilds over time. It’s like being “new” again.


I’m not getting the volume of orders I used to at all.


Same case here. Im trying to make it like before by editing gigs. Let see. Hope for the best. :slight_smile:


I have raised many issues to Fiverr Support last week and they are working on it and that’s why you are able to see the improvement. While my case is still pending. :frowning:


Things are certainly not what they used to be, and I doubt they ever will be the same again. The competition is too much. However, all is not lost. Learn new skills and offer new Gigs. :slight_smile:


Same here as well! But gig positions seem the same as always, so hard to say what could be the change.


yes. There are too many possibilities. Now a days fiverr search not only based on reviews but also delivery time, response rate, cancellation rate, and the avg selling price too. So we have to do everything better than before in order to get high ranking. :smiley:

Thats it I guess.