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I think there is a hole in the Fiverr's Security


Our account was get hacked for 3 (three times)

This is the story…

on Dec 29, 2012 about 23:00 (GMT +7)

our account fully restored after get hacked for first time

on Dec 30, 2012 about 15:30 (GMT +7)

our account get hacked again (this is second attack)

on Dec 31, 2012 about 7:00 am (GMT +7)

our account can fully restored

on Dec 31, 2012 about 10:19 am (GMT +7)

we get mail that someone tried to change our paypal registered to our fiverr account

we report it immediately

but now our status (honestkr status) is not top rated seller again (coz this issue)

we don’t get quick response

on Dec 31, 2012 about 11:00 am (GMT +7)

we can’t login on fiverr

our mail just reject

now we can only wait support contact us again

we don’t know how hacker can enter our fiverr account

are anybody have same experience?

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