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I think there is something wrong with my gig

Please help me check that gig and let me know what I need to improve there.
The issue I have is that no matter what I do the gig does not rank. It is always on the last page. I even changed the keyword that I was ranking for but it immediately went to last page of that also and when I create a new gig for that same keyword, it will appear even higher than it. It is my best selling gig so I can not afford to lose it. When I first created the gig it ranked high but it suddenly went to last page even tho neither my sales nor analytics dropped. It did not drop in ranking slowly. It just went directly to the last page. After 6 months I got it to the first page again and 3 days later it dropped back.


how did you change the keywords? that is not possible after publish gigs. If you make change your gig then it takes sometime to review your gig within that period current position of the gig may loos @jimrealf

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I changed tags and keywords i used in my description. I observed for a month

Keyword in the url has the vital role

Okay. Anything else?

you can do gig marketing towards your potential customer @jimrealf

Doing that currently