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I think they should review certain policies

In a situation where you are working with people in different time zones communication can be slow and tedious especially when you have a deadline to meet.

For instance, right now I asked for a time extension from a client 24hrs before the expiration. Its 24hrs now after expiration and till now the client has not responded. What can I do in this situation? Apparently I would be penalised and demoted for this but what if the client does not respond in 4 days. My stats would keep dropping indefinitely. I actually need up to 5 days to finish up. I’m confused and don’t know what to do.

I feel Fiverr should do something about this because I work well but this is just going to demote me to beginner where I am just a few steps away from 2nd level seller. This is turning out to be a disaster for me.

I need help.


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If communication is slow and tedious, and you don’t have enough time to complete an order, under those circumstances, then change the deadline time on your order. If don’t have enough time to complete your orders in one or two days, then update your gig to give all orders four or five days. Policies do not need to be “reviewed” or changed, when you have the ability to improve the situation by adapting your gig details to the nature of your work experience.

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I did everything you have suggested but this particular order is the issue. The client actually agreed to extend the time but didn’t officially accept the request and since then she hasn’t responded to all my messages. If I could call to remind her, it would have been easier but its against the rules. If Fiverr could create a way they themselves call in this situation that could help.

It is up to you to work with your client in order to establish mutual working details. An extension, after the original order deadline has passed, will not help you at this point. Your order is late. Your only options after the deadline has passed, are to complete and deliver the order, or cancel it (because of a non-responsive buyer) and move on. Fiverr is not going to step in and manage your client relations for you. That is your responsibility, as the seller of the service.