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I Think This Buyer Tried To Steal My Credit Card Information!


I have a gig where I review people’s websites and offer professional advice on how to increase conversions. I had a great buyer who left a glowing review.

It so happened that the page he wanted me to review was selling a book he wrote. He wanted to order a gig to have me rewrite the sales text.

I told him I’d need a copy of the book (digital ebook) in order to write the descriptive copy. This is STANDARD in the industry.

So now he is demanding I buy the book. He says he will reimburse me the full purchase price. I don’t understand why he insists on me entering my credit card information. He is really pushing this.

Just a rant. Thanks for listening.


I suppose the policy is you need to report anyone asking for money outside of Fiverr. For buyer or seller.

So report him and maybe get a mutual refund.


You “think”? I know they’re trying to steal your info. Don’t give it and report the seller to Customer Support right away. Good luck! :slight_smile:


I agree stay away from this. I never enter my CC information online for any reason. If it is his site and he is the owner of the book he should easily be able to send you over a copy.


There’s absolutely no reason why you should have to purchase their text in order to write copy for them. They most certainly have a digital copy of their own book that they can provide for you to work with. It’s really strange that they’re trying to get you to spend money on their book (while promising to reimburse you afterwards as well).


It’s really fishy and, like many before have already mentioned, there is no reason why the buyer wouldn’t be able to provide you a copy. I have never heard of anyone having to buy the book in your situation. I mean, even if he’s not after your credit card, what guarantees you that he will really pay you back for the book?



^ Hope that was big enough !!!!


Report this sCHmuck asap.