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I think this is a fake buyer ! Please help me

Hello respected members, Please guide me if you can
A few days ago I got an order ( video editing) and the total days for completion of that order were 4 days. Today is the last day of that order.
First, I sent a sample of that video on the first day of this order but She didn’t reply I was waiting from the last 2 days. Now, Today on the last day she replied and tell me about major changes and also changes in the script. Now, I told to her to send me an updated script or clear my doubt.
But again she left the conversation and she is offline from the last 5 hours.
At night 11 pm is the last time of this project. I don’t know what I have to do in this project.
If I will wait for her reply then the late tag will be applied to my service and she will get the right to cancel my order and give me a negative rating.

What should I do?
Should I cancel this order?
Please guide me

I came across this while waiting for orders :grinning:
Hope this helps!

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