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I think this is the best time to add skrill payment gateway in fiverr

As paypal is not still available in country like Bangladesh. So I think it is better if fiverr adds skrill as a new payment gateway. Eagerly wait for that.

Fiverr payment system Paypal is not available in many country’s,like Bangladesh and more.Thats why we face problem.So we think it is better option if fiverr add SKRILL as a new payment system.We need and request we want this option.

Bangladesh is not a profitable country to expand to. It is a very poor country and not worth the work of implementing a whole other payment option especially when bitcoin is an excellent payment method for Bangladesh people.


Reply to @macdonjo3: For your kind information let you know that, Bangladesh was poor country but not now… Bangladesh is the nation where lots of poeple, students are working all over the world such type of online marketplace like Fiverr… If you analysis gigs on fiverr… there you will find lots of Bangladesh level 2 seller… So this is time to know more about Bangladesh…

I can sa Bangladeshi sellers are doing great job in fiverr…

As a Bangladeshi i agree with that thread to open skrill payment option in Fiverr… It would be really helpful and not so hard for fiverr to add this payment method… I hope fiverr willl consider it…

Unfortunately I from Bosnia and Herzegovina have a problem with paypal acc to just be grateful if you would fiverr imported with Skrill. much would help me

Reply to @macdonjo3: I think, you must remove your racist comment about any country.

plz consider and add to skrill