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I think we need a CHATROOM here on FIVERR!


I’ve been having bit of problems with communicating with clients, Each time I have to reload the page to see a reply, I’m thinking of contacting fiverr support on this possibly if they could add this feature to fiverr, maybe something like the facebook chat or something, Just saying . …

Does anyone here also see the need for this !

It’s about that time, 'cause Time is money you know



Buyer: We could have it so buyers could talk more to their sell-

Seller: -No, awful.

Myself: Why is this? As it so happens I’ve been wanting to casually ask you about your interests in anime and management! I’d do it here, but you know, between you and sheriff…Off-topical Storm Advisory! /:slight_smile:

It shouldn’t be too hard to report someones entire chat history to fiverr if the need be. They have to have a fiverr account to chat, which can be banned. Maybe each user can have the option to toggle chat requests from “everyone”, “active buyers”, “buddies”, “offline”, and to just opt-out.

Sounds like a site-wide Fiverr 3.0 type change with an entirely new “semantic-web” type profile system. Very interpersonal! Is this any less horrific? I actually doubt it xD


Reply to @kjblynx: I’m worked up and offended? I like where this is going. What should I be next Madame? see, this is precisely why we need a chat room

Feisty! The half-second (CTRL + click) to pull up your profile and read the first line of text are hardly worked-up actions of an “offendee.” In contrast, much of my postings – as a tribute to our customer support – are very haste and haphazard. Maybe I wanted you to expand on your post a bit more and thought what I posted was better than: “What?”

As always, your posts are on-topic, very debate-worthy and were never in question. Admittedly, I saw “CHATROOM” and immediately thought “COOL!” Saw the idea before, and was aware of the spamming concerns and thought it was one of those threads. I’d suggest compromises like “How about a forum shoutbox with links disabled”, but then that’s clearly not what he’s talking about.


Reply to @kjblynx: Let’s chat about it with your fellow five- oh.

Really? I’d ask about that but…you know the CS routine. :slight_smile:

Thank you. Then again it’s difficult to determine the sincerity of static text, so, can’t really knock ya for being savvy. I would love being in a room where I can say things that everyone has to read. I see how many would abuse such a power.