I thinkI was just scammed by an artist


After reviewing the work posted in this artist’s portfolio, I thought she would be perfect to draw an image of a cottage front door with a chef and a back window with a mouse.

What she provided was entirely different than her portfolio suggested she could do.
It looks like to me that she copied someone else work to start her profile and then add the work I paid for to her plagiarized works.

What do you think?

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I’m the least artistic person around, so can’t comment on anybody’s artwork.

However if you weren’t happy with the work (you use the word ‘scammed’) and seem unhappy, why would you leave two 5 star reviews with positive comments for the work you’re describing here?


If you were unhappy with your order, you could have asked your seller to revise it. Instead, you left them a 5-star review stating that they 'Follow Instructions Well."

I really don’t see why you think you have been scammed here. You asked for chef outside house with black window. You were delivered a picture of a chef outside house with black window. - Of which, of course, there are thousands of similar images online…