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I Thought He Is a Prospective Buyer. But Alas, Just Another Annoying Seller

I got a message and I thought (This must be a prospective buyer) I was very happy and I replied as fast as I can with an aim of turning this prospective buyer to a customer. Little did I know he is a seller trying to get help.

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Its not bad to request for help. But here I am patiently waiting for buyer(s) . I thought he is one of them but…:disappointed_relieved:

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Something similar happened to me a few weeks back. Sellers contact me and offer their service and request to share my work burden with them for a share of 50% amount of the work. I simply reply them with a "Thank You for you offer" Lol.


Well, you gotta admit it: they’re getting smarter at begging for help & sales :stuck_out_tongue:

I also had one who made me think he was a potential buyer, it was something along the lines of:

User: Hi
Me: Hi, do you want to ask me something?
User: Yes
Me: Well?..
User: I’m interested in your services.
Me: Which one, and how may I be of help?
User: I want to know what tools you use and how you do your work

Fantastic! :smirk: #facepalm


ha ha ha ha…:joy::joy:


Same dude messaged me.
I told him my advice is not to spam people, or else he will be reported. I advised him to post on the forum, which he did. I think he probably messaged a ton of people who post on the forum.


great fun…:laughing::laughing:


But this happens sometimes


When that happens, I politely inform them that spamming people isn’t allowed, and that the only legit reason to message a seller is if they intend to buy and need to discuss the project. And then I report them and block them.


Really disappointing thing. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yep, there are some smart sellers who spend their valuable time to find out some other potential sellers to get some orders.:grinning:

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But do you think they can get orders in that way? That is spamming other sellers.

Every day you’ll find a number of sellers in the buyer request section who are posting their requests to order them. Who’ll tell them them that the buyer request page appears only to sellers?

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They can get their messaging disabled that way, and if they keep doing it, they can get their account banned, too. Good riddance. Nobody likes spammers.

Getting orders that way is highly unlikely.

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