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The majority of gigs are NOT fiverr gigs, but upsells only. I am finding a lot of gigs bypass the base $5 gig and will only do work for more money, even when you only want the basic advertised $5 gig. I really like your site Fiverr. I have spent around $500 on Fiverr gigs. Below is a message I sent to customer support, I hope I get a response:

I just want to let you know that the majority of Fiverr gigs are no longer Fiverr gigs. The sellers wont perform anything at all for $5, it's all upsells for $10 and $20 and sometimes $40 for the advertised fiverr.

I understand your company makes a percentage of sales, so the upsells are good for business. But what about customer service and your buyers.

Your sellers are taking advantage of your system to the point where $5 work is no longer available, you must spend double that amount to get any work at all. I have inbox correspondence to prove it.

I'm wasting my time going through the gigs to find a real fiverr gig. My friend and I discussed going somewhere else to hire for services we need.

Please don't misunderstand, it's not the money because I have bought upsells when I need them, its that the actual $5 gig is being bypassed for upsells ONLY and it wastes my time going through that.

I have to wait a day or two to get correspondence back and then 3 or 4 people are charging $30 and $40 for a fiverr gig, and I had to wait to find out, wasting my time.

Please let me know if you are creating a policy to address these concerns, if you do a google check you will see lots of complaints and lost customers for your services.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

What are your thoughts? Anyone?

I agree with you. A seller has to sell SOMETHING for $5, and has to make it crystal clear what that is and honor it.

I hope Fiverr start to get tougher on sellers who just mess buyers around. It gives everyone here a bad name.

I just add something easy to do for 5$ ,…shrugs. Im not here to make crumbs, its great and all that people feel they deserve 100 dollar jobs for 5 dollars and all but we are here to make more than crumbs… and if society cant deal with that, if they cant understand that we deserve to eat TOO…then they need to go take their 5 dollar bill elsewhere…simple as that…shrugs…don’t expect people to emphasize the 5 dollar gig that gets them nothing but crumbs…we don’t care about the 5 dollar gig, we care about surviving…that’s what is important, far more important than someone crying because they cant get a 100 dollar everywhere else job done here for 5 dollars… that’s for damn sure

I agree as well. The very basis of this site is that you can get things done for $5.

I see the side of the sellers who want to skip the $5 gigs because in order to be able to deliver the work a relatively huge amount of work must be done, and $5 just doesn’t seem like a fair payment for the work.

I myself have decided not to do some kind of work I would have otherwise loved to have done simply because I could not think of a way to get a satisfactory return on my time investment for $5 - some jobs are just bigger, and take more time and money.

I do think that every gig should have SOME basic $5 deal. Having a gig that says inside that you must purchase a certain number of gigs is an abuse of the system, in my opinion.

As kjblynx said, report them.

This tug a war between buyer and sellers could go on forever and neither side will win. All sellers have to offer a basic $5 gig. Maybe the question is “how basic”. But I’m also a buyer and I have purchased tons of $5 gigs. Probably in Aug I purchased well over $100 worth of gigs and they were all $5 gigs.

This is not supposed to be a “We do everything for $5” website.

To make matters worse. Fiver takes $1 of every $5 you make. So on a $20 order , we only get $16. Its not only necessary to upsell , but we feel robbed doing all of our $5 services for $4.

Reply to @davidlustrup: You do realize though that the name of the site is “fiverr”? It’s entire premise is built around $5. No one (including the original poster) is suggesting that buyers get $100 service for $5, they are just asking for sellers to be honest. If a seller refuses to do any work for five dollars then leave the site called Fiverr. We all created our gigs with a heading that says “I will do something for $5”. If you refuse to do that something you specifically promised to do then your a liar. The point here is that whatever is stated specifically that you offer for $5 needs to be done. If your gig says “I will do something easy for $5” fine however if you say “I will offer a professional logo for $5” then you need to do that too. You may not offer to do all the fancy stuff for $5 but you do need to offer your title service in some form for $5.

No one was forced to work on Fiverr. Sure there are people called “sheriffs” on the site but it’s not like they knocked on your door and demanded that you work on Fiverr or else get thrown in the Fiverr jail. We all need money which is why we offer extras and multiples but we also made a promise to offer something good for $5. If you can’t follow the rules then leave and go somewhere that doesn’t require $5 work. Obviously.

Reply to @zarklon: No one is saying that it’s a “we do everything for $5” website. It’s rather a “great products and service starting at $5” website. Complaining about Fiverrs fees is a bit foolish. The site is very upfront about their fees unlike so many other sites that sneak in the fee and take their users off guard. Fiverr tells you from the very beginning, so when you see it you have the choice to accept it and get to work or go somewhere else. How can you accept it one day and complain about it the next? In fact, Fiverr is pretty upfront about all of their requirements. It amazes me when people get upset about the fee or the $5 base price when they so willingly signed up for it in the first place.

There are many freelancing sites and they all operate a bit differently. What does it say about an individual if they have a hundred sites to chose from and pick the one that they completely disagree with… It makes zero sense.

I’ll reiterate what others are saying and suggest that you report sellers that don’t offer SOMETHING for $5. Sometimes the only thing offered is a mere shell of what you can get with the Extras added on, but as long as they have something for $5, they’re not breaking any rules.

I know it’s frustrating, but that’s the real world anywhere. It’s like walking into three grocery stores and finding a can of soup for $5 or more, and you get irritated because that’s way more than you’ll pay for a can of soup. Then you walk into a fourth store, and they’ve got soup for 50 cents per can. Bingo! You found the store to buy soup from. And you likely won’t go back to the other stores because of the price. Sometimes it takes some searching, yes, but in the end it’s worth it to have found those good deals.

And on the other end of the spectrum, there are those people paying $5 for a can of soup because A) they see the value in the item for the price, B) they didn’t want to shop around and just took the first thing they saw, or C) they couldn’t afford the drive to other stores or it was too far to walk. Or a plethroa of other reasons.

People will pay all kinds of prices for all kinds of things. It’s just a matter of finding the right fit.

I understand your point. However, you must also realize that you can’t get much for $5 if you are expecting quality work or reasonable amount of work. Let me explain.

You want something for $5? OK, say a writer comes to you and says he will write a blog post for you for $5 per ten words. Now you know and I know that 10 words do not make a blog post. You need a minimum 300 words, right?

But if your suggestion was implemented, then all the sellers will need to do is simply create a fraction of their services and offer it to you for $5. Would that really make the real gig $5? No of course not.

I do video production. I don’t like to offer buyers videos for $5 for 5 seconds. I’d rather be upfront and honest and tell them they will get their video for $50. However, if fiverr implements a rule to force me to offer something for $5, then I will do exactly as described above and offer buyers 5 second videos for $5 instead of upselling them to a $50 video right upfront.

Reply to @madmoo: It may very well be in the niche’ he’s trying to focus on as well. I have had some pretty bad experiences on my occasional buying in certain categories where they don’t even sell anything for the base price so I can kind of see where he’s coming from. There is actually even a few high volume sellers that if you read their description clearly, they don’t actually offer at all of what their title says which is unfortunate and quite misleading.

Reply to @missashley8705: I’m foolish then but I’ll speak my mind. 20% commission is too much. I’m only here cause this site has the microjobs niche cornered. If they treated sellers right and took less commision from orders , I would charge less for my services is what I’m saying. But when I know that I price something at $20 but I have to charge $25 to make $20… it just gets worse and worse . What I value at $60 , I have to charge +$12 more on to make the $60 I value it at …

When you make real money on this site , it starts making you sick to your stomach at a certain point. Maybe you wouldn’t know , your VA gig has 53 ratings. What are you getting $5-$10 orders? Its not effecting you as much as someone who makes $100+ on videos sometimes.

That is all…

Reply to @zarklon: Oh that’s cute, trying to insult me for being a virtual assistant. Well today’s orders consisted of two that included the the 24 hr extras at $40 a piece. The combined total for those two orders was $115, these were just the orders I did before lunch time. My average sale is $24. I have 53 ratings with a hundred percent satisfaction. You have been here for two years with a little over 400 reviews spread out over 4 gigs and ONLY a 97% rating. Let’s compare my one gig to your one highest selling gig. If I continue at my current pace, I’m likely to pass the 200 reviews mark on my one gig before reaching my first year mark. You haven’t passed 200 on any one gig in two years. I know what I’m good at and so don’t my clients, hence the 100% that you don’t have.

Saying your service is worth all these outrageous prices and then insulting someone else’s gig is hilarious especially when reviewing the facts above. You offer gigs that literally anyone can do. Give a testimonial, check. Run a Facebook page, check. Basic photoshop, check. Make an educated guess about a picture, check.

The whole point is that this is called Fiverr! Why? Because it’s based on awesome products starting at $5. If you don’t offer what you specifically state in your title of “I will blablabla for $5” then you have broken the rules of the site and you need to be reported. If you aren’t doing what you say you will do then you don’t deserve to be a part of the site. Those are the facts.

for $5 i will give you a tissue. How about that?

Reply to @biancha: a piece or a whole box?

Reply to @topaz_muse: You made me remember this:


3 squares? you can’t spare 3 squares??


no I don’t have a square to spare, I can’t spare a square


oh is it two-ply? cause it it’s two-ply I’ll take one ply, one ply, one, one

puny little ply, I’ll take one measly ply


look, I don’t have a square and I don’t have a ply (flushing and leaving)”

Reply to @missashley8705: then the 5 dollar gig needs to be something ridiculously easy and fast to do…you get what you pay for…shrugs. its the way of the world and its just reality. I worked hard for my skills, and will not sell them like a 5 dollar hooker. I just wont. so MY 5 dollar gig is going to be very basic, and easy and fast to do, and if they want 50 dollar quality then they will pay 50 dollars…shrugs

Reply to @topaz_muse: 1 tissue, if you want the box its extra gig $40 , you know how we roll.

Reply to @madmoo: i understand but still i dont get the point on why would you post about it, this topic has been beaten for years.

just simply report those fake / lazy / good for nothing scammers and continue searching for the chosen one!

For $5 i will show you how to find customer support ;D

(secret extra gigs include cryin’ with you and holding your hand ) .

Reply to @davidlustrup: Why do you keep shrugging? It’s a little strange.

If what you offer says “I will do something ridiculously easy and fast to do for $5” then you should be all set. Otherwise it’s false advertising (aka a lie) and should be reported. (should I put a shrugs there, sorry I don’t get it)

I checked out your gig and I think you are a tad over confident for someone with 45 reviews spread out over ten plus gigs. The top rated sellers have better customer appreciation then you and they actually have the proof to back up their services and extras.

Your sales are proof of buyers opinions of your pricing.