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I Thought This was the Worst Day And then ... LEVEL ONE! :)


Hey everyone :slight_smile: Just wanna share

So first the bad one, so today I was revising an order. It’s an illustration and I draw digitally. I’ve worked for two hours and always save every now and then. And when I’m already done and just wanted to change the drawings resolution, boom! The program crashed and even all the previously saved ones can’t be retrieved. And my buyer’s already messaging for the revision, and I had to rush… sigh The first time ever I almost really wanna cry because of drawing, and I’m sure I’ll be getting a negative feedback soon.

But anyway the good news: I’m Level 1! :slight_smile:

I’m just so happy. I received an email saying I’m already level 1 today. I just can’t believe it :slight_smile:

Thank you so much to all my buyers, specially those who give me repeat jobs. Thank you :slight_smile:

And thanks so much fiverr. And all those kind people here in the forum who always answered my questions :slight_smile:


Thats awesome! I am glad that you are at Level 1 now. It gives me hope. Sorry about the program crashing… but YAY!! Level 1! :slight_smile: lol


Reply to @bellaspinelli: Thank you :slight_smile: I thought it was impossible at first. I think you’re close to getting there as well. Just wait a bit :slight_smile: And great caricature by the way. I like it :slight_smile:


Good job jancolors!

By the way, everyone loved the chibi you drew for me! I have it as my Facebook cover. My husband was shocked because I had a 3 chibis drawn for me that I bought for $150 on another website. He told me that it looked nothing like me and the guy didn’t even get my eyes or hair correct! We just paid him because I was sick of asking for revisions after a month. You charged me $5 for something that looked like me- skin tones, color scheme, everything! He was very impressed and was like “wow, who drew that? Much better than that ‘professional artist’ you hired.” All my friends on facebook that I have shown also loved it! You deserve the level 1! Great work and wonderful art!


Reply to @mrspanda:

Thank you so much :slight_smile: I appreciate you posting the drawing on your facebook too. Please say thank you to your husband and your friends as well. I’m just glad you all loved it. That’s a big achievement already :slight_smile:

But seriously I never thought I’d even be capable of charging something as high as $100 for even ten drawings haha :slight_smile: But if you think I’m better, thank you. That’s too flattering :slight_smile:

And I know i’m a bit late but congrats on the Level 2 as well :slight_smile: