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I took some tests, I'm speechless

This morning I took the test for Adobe Photoshop,
I got in the top 10%. Even though I did not expect to score so high.

So I decided to tackle other tests,
Tests are not expressely a factor to rank gigs, but still it gives personal satisfaction and it build trust for buyers.
I would suggest to every seller to take at least one test related to their business.

It’s a great way to boost your gigs. Especially if you are a new seller like me,

By the way, it’s already 1:20 AM here :sweat_smile:
I feel so crazy about Fiverr


I’ll will probably try a test now, thanks for the advice. Good to know.


This is something i want to do. Thanks for suggesting.

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Thanks for the advice, and definitely will plan on doing this tomorrow! :blush:

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