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I took the leap and upped my prices... again

Last week I got slammed with orders, somehow I managed to scrape through and still get my :star2:'s During the process I raised prices by $5 for every 250 words.

After raising the prices I had a day and a half off before repeat customers were coming back and not complaining about the increase, and then more orders. I’m just slightly less than max capacity right now, and a friend wants to place some pretty big orders with me that I’d like to accommodate.

So… I raised prices again in hopes that the orders will slow down some more. Eventually I’ll need a life outside of just fiverr.

now I’m charging about 6 cents per word before fiverr gets their cut. It feels scary, but damn good, because I definitely put a lot more effort into each piece than the current rates justify.

I’m super grateful to fiverr for creating this opportunity for me to learn about freelancing, and giving me a chance to put my life together, financially.

Thanks to all of you in the forum for the education, conversations, and entertainment :alien:


I’m thrilled to hear that raising your prices has worked for you, and that you are earning more money doing what you love. Well done! Keep up the great work!


Thank’s Jon! and yes, I do love my work :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


Good for you, David. :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s what it’s all about taking chances. :muscle:



Well, you have the skills to justify the increase. :slight_smile:
Some sellers get stuck at a lower price range and can’t or won’t move forward.


you mean like the chances just I took with about 100 edits between two gigs? :joy: Still in the search :muscle::muscle:


Oh, my! :hushed:

Maybe it’s time for a cold :beer:


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When do you think is the right time to raise your prices? :thinking:
I’m still new on the platform and feeling it out is difficult. It’s like I don’t want to take the plunge :skull: when things are going well.

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for me its simple enough: supply and demand. As fast as I can build up reviews I’ll do so and not worry about earning anything close to minimum wage :sweat_smile: After a bit I got burnt out on my initial pricing and upped in a minor way. Once I got around 20 :star::star::star::star::star: reviews, that’s when I started getting slammed. When I’m losing my head trying to complete all of the order and freaking out about every single possible review going above and beyond to make sure that I’ve surpassed expectations by 200% (especially when they’re unavailable for feedback while I work)… that’s when I finally give in and raise the prices some more, lol.


This is such an inspiring succes story!

I think it’s great you’re able to up your prices a bit! I think it’s kind of a hard thing to justify on Fiverr because everyone expects everything here to be very cheap. So I’m glad to finally be reading an post on this forum of someone being able to ask what you deserve!

Keep up the great work!

I don’t think that’s necessarily true, or maybe it’s just as true as a given seller believes. I did start out suuuuper underpriced, and still am… but ya gotta get those reviews to attract the attention of the search algo.

However, I do have the advantage of specializing in two niches. One of which barely has any sellers. The other has plenty of sellers, but I don’t of know any that specialize in the specific type of content I create.

so… its one part going above and beyond in customer service, and another part specialization in markets that I love and are in demand.


Last time I raised my prices when I noticed that I was too lazy to even make a custom offer for a project. So I had to raise them in order to get motivated again.


Good for you! Both times I’ve raised my prices (in 3 and 1/2 years) it has been very beneficial to my business here. Never a negative about it! I’ve been at the same price for a while now, and am always considering making some changes to my pricing structure, but every time it does feel like a huge risk.

As a writer, I hope you will be making something more like 25 cents a word before too long! You are worth it.


@daviddoer, I just looked at your gigs and recommended you to a buyer who messaged me today looking for articles on exactly your topic. He/she wanted writing and I only offer editing, so maybe they will look you up. Your reviews look great!


It is great to read a positive thread! I’ve noticed quite a few others having similar experiences but some have been lost in other threads. Thanks and congrats on your recent success!


phew! That sounds super nice! I could actually afford to live on that, and then some.

The problem with having prices that high is having enough people know the quality of work you make… so, as soon as I raise my prices enough to have a bit of free time, I guess I should be working on somewhere to display a portfolio.

And thanks for referring me! The sound of another order right now though :scream_cat:

What I learned from the last time I got super busy is that I shouldn’t stress myself out, and have some faith that I’ll come through.


It’s a good problem to have. I’ve been there but have learned how to slow things down a bit (as you’re doing) and also as prices go up, quality of buyers goes up and orders can even out to a more reasonable pace. But sometimes that thrill of SO many orders is awesome! Keep going but take breaks for sure.

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Congrats for your wise decision and results.

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