I took the plunge!


After participating in remote work for over a decade and using Fiverr for two years, I finally decided it was time to become a seller. Fun little platform and interface I must admit. How is everyone?


Welcome and wishing you success on here! :smiley:


welcome, what type of gigs do you do?


Replied to the wrong location. - Sorry getting used to forum posting again :slight_smile:

My Niche is business development and marketing as it relates to technology, machine learning, AI and tech startups. I write content, create marketing packages and business plans.


Welcome to the dark side :alien::moneybag:


Welcome to Fiverr World


congratulations best of luck


Good luck to you, maybe new and enthusiastic sellers like you can revive Fiverr!


hey there.
welcome to fiverr.
best wishes for you :grinning: