I transferred my money to payoneer


I just transferred my money to my payoneer account. And I want to request for payoneer master card. But I am asked to submit my government issued ID and I did. But they said I should upload another government issued ID like driver license or international passport. And I don’t have any of it.

So any help on how to go about it? Please it’s urgent.


There is no way to get it if you do not have one due to secırity reasons.


So can’t you just get an international passport? Costs around $15 to get one here, in my country. Cheers.


Passport will work for sure


Really? It is nearly 200$ in my country. :smiley:


If obtaining documents like a passport or a driver’s license isn’t possible for you, you’ll have to ask Payoneer’s Customer Support for help and advice. I’ve heard that sometimes bills are acceptable, too, if they’re in your name and your home address (the one you provided Payoneer with) is clearly visible.



Yes. The express option is less than $50. It’s like $48 and you get your Passport in 2 or 3 days. Most of the time in 2 days.


Everything is expensive in my country :slight_smile: