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I traveled 110+ countries. Help me designing a Gig


Hello guys!

I have traveled to more than 110 countries. I have many experiences and tips to share with potential long-term travelers.

I also traveled as a digital nomad, working on my computer for different startups and ending up funding my own one.

However, I don’t know what type of gig to offer around my travel experience. Is there an audience in Fiverr interested in long-term travel and digital nomad lifestyle?

Thanks a lot for your support!



Do you book flights and plan business trips?

Thanks. R.


Yes, I can help book the best flights and organize a business trip as well. I worked at TripAdvisor for 2 years doing quality control in many countries.


Yes, yes, yes! There is a market for this. Your advice and experience are enough to create a gig/business on their own.


Amazing! Thank you for validating the idea. I’ll create a gig for business travel and another one for digital nomad


Brilliant! How can we get in touch?


Just drop me a pm. I’ll create the gig this week :slight_smile:


Welcome to Fiverr! :tada:

Go for it! :ok_hand:t4:

I’d be interested in gigs surrounding travel and such.

Backpacking for newbies! :sweat_smile:


Perfect. I’ll build some gigs for backpacking around the world.

Don’t hesitate to drop me a line if you have any backpacking plans :slight_smile:


sure, if have plans will update you. Thanks


I think there is a market for your experience also. Best of luck.


Thank you guys for your support! I just have published my first travel gig. I will add more gigs (travel business and travel cycling).

This is the gig for backpackers: