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I Tried everything!

I have been on Fiverr as a seller for almost a year now! and in all this time I have only got buyer engagement on my gig once!
(that is when I got around 25 orders) (one day I got a prompt for ID verification, which I did, after that day, nothing!!! no new buyers and suddenly views came sliding down.

Since then I have tried everything with my gig, (changed the description and optimized the information, changed gig samples, did the SEO for both gig tags, description, and title, and tried to target niche audiences within the logo design category!

But, still nothing.

I gave high-quality work to all my clients, all were very happy, all gave 5 stars and 50% of them gave generous tips. Average selling rate $90 but still Fiverr doesn’t seem very interested in my gig.

Do you guys have any suggestions as to what went wrong with it?
also, suggest changes in it if you think something is not how it should be!!

Thanks :slight_smile:

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And that is the problem. When you’re starting out don’t expect buyers to come pouring in. If you aren’t getting any orders then you should start marketing yourself rather than just relying on Fiverr.

If you leave your account without any off-site traffic especially when you’re just starting out then it’s only going to worse. You NEED to keep your gigs alive and raise their rank in search which you can only do efficiently through getting orders.

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Thank you so much for the insight :slight_smile:

how do you suggest i market my gig?
what are the most efficient channels through which i can get more buyers?

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You’re selling in one of the most competitive categories on Fiverr. That’s honestly all there is to it in my opinion. There are way too many graphic designers on Fiverr. 95% of them are new sellers. Everyone is scrambling to get their foot in the door but there isn’t enough business to go around, and the business there is typically goes to established sellers or whoever races to the bottom price-wise faster.

I know that sucks but idk, I just can’t imagine trying to compete in that kind of marketplace.

Your work is really good. You should consider other freelancing sites in addition to Fiverr.

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You could try changing the price(s) to see if that helps and maybe try offering more things in some of the packages.

I’d also probably change the “if you don’t like the outcome or experience I will make a full or a partial refund” bit since I don’t think there’s a way to easily do a partial refund (unless you mean by cancelling one order and making another).

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If you feel you’ve done everything you can on-platform, then it’s time to start researching where your target market is off-platform.

That’s your job to find out.
I could say ‘go here’, but you would never know if it was the best option, or if you were wasting your time.

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