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I tried my best (four years)but dont get order on fiverr

Hi, I am on Fiverr more than three (almost four years now) years ago but still not get more than 4 clients from Fiverr itself and I tried every single tip and trick that Fiverr recommends (social media is not for me don’t have friends/connection and don’t have the budget.) but still not get any orders not just order but not getting any kind of views, impression on my gig barely 8 or 15 views per day but that’s very rare. however, I have 53 orders in three years and that’s by buyer request and I have 5 stars also got tips on most of the orders. I mention this because some people will reply to me that good to the buyer be nice to them etc. I get that, but how am i supposed to be good to them when they don’t even start the conversation. I also give my buyer bonus in different forms like discount extra work design etc to just get a good relation to them and its works I have very little few clients that they only work with me. I got the second part like once the buyer starts a conversation with me then it’s my turn but I just don’t figure it out that the first part how to get clients. why I am not getting any attention. I also tried emailing, IG, LinkedIn to business like give them my proposals.
I also try new cover letters for every buyer. i read their requirements and go thoroughly on their requirements and send them my proposal accordingly but unfortunately, they don’t even get in touch with me.
also, change my gig designs a few times like they look nice and professional minimal design also I take eyes on my competitors like what they offer to buyers and how much they charge etc stuff. so please can anybody tell me what’s wrong with my gigs why it’s not selling.


I hear you.

I think these online service places suit a certain kind of person. If you are not that…

People say “get some 5 star reviews and you will have social-proof and be on your way”. I say poppycock. Sorry, I have no suggestions for you seeing I too have managed little more than striking out (and some abuse) in freelance/creative spaces.

Maybe try an area where there are not 10,000 other people churning (and burning) the ground. Is there a thing that you can do that is outside of the cliché norm that people would pay to get done for them? Don’t ask people if they would pay you as they will say yes then either never pay or go to someone cheaper/scammier. Just try that path and prove irrefutably how your thing is “da bomb”. I say that last because most successful things are more about fashion than goodness or rightness :wink:

Good luck out there.


yeah i guess i will sell water on mars that’s would be a BOMB :joy:. thank you for your time.

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Hello. I don’t usually review gigs anymore as I believe that sellers have to sink or swim based on their own skills - and I’ve previously offended some people by being a little too honest! However, you’re clearly a decent seller based on your feedback - so, I’d like to offer a little critical feedback to try and be helpful. Please don’t take the following as a criticism - I am genuinely trying to help you!

While your English is actually ‘okay’ and your gigs are nicely presented, there are a lot of basic grammar mistakes in your profile and gig descriptions. For example, in your profile you have this: ‘I also have expertise in web security.i can create, manage, fix WordPress issues.’ (character space needed after the full stop / period and then an uppercase ‘I’). And this in your gigs: ‘I will create a complete WordPress website with 4 costume pages’ (custom not costume). And this: ‘Back up your complete WordPresspess website’ (WordPress not WordPressess). Those are just three of many, many examples I can see.

Serious buyers (the ones we all want to attract) like attention to detail. If your profile and your gigs are not 100% perfect then you are unlikely to attract serious buyers.

My advice would be to copy and paste all of your text into an online spelling and grammar checker. Such services are far from perfect, but you should find they will pick up on many of the errors. Good luck.

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thank you so much for your review and yes I take criticism only if that’s not sarcastic and surely your not one of them. I appreciate that. yes, I have an issue’s with spellings/grammar but as I said that’s all start with the second step. these grammer mistakes would be a problem if I got tons of impression reviews but not order/client’s but I don’t think that would solely be the issue of not getting any orders. btw I will surely follow steps and I use Grammarly since I am not a native. again thank you for your precious time.