I tried to contact customer support but no one is getting back to me


I tried to contact customer support but no one is getting back to me, what shall I do? I contacted them 3 days ago noone geting back to me, what happend is that I bought a gig with $360 and basically the seller promote his self that " making a profitable shopify store " so profitable means for me that you do deep market resarch and you find the best keywords the best products to sell etc… however, then he tells me he is doing the look of the website profitable and the design and bla bla bla , so finally he told me I have to do the market research so I needed more time to provide with everything he requested from me, but in mean time the lead time of the project ended and he marked the project complete but the project is not even close to be finished, so now he is not getting back to me, is really embarrassing he basically stealing my money and get paid for something he not even finished…

Can you help me please


The seller should not have marked the order as complete if it was not - this is against Terms of Service and that is what you need to tell customer service.
When a seller delivers an order, you need to check it and then either request modifications or accept it as it is. If you do neither, the order is marked complete automatically after 3 days. If you still have the option to request a modification then do so immediately.

As you have already submitted a ticket to customer support but have not got a response, go to https://support.fiverr.com/hc/en-us/requests (you may need to sign in again) and update your ticket. Explain the situation clearly, say that you tried to solve it with the seller but they are not responding.

Delays with CS can sometimes occur if you submit the ticket to the wrong department.


Did you read the gig description before ordering?
The seller may stated exactly what he means…

So if he explained that he only do setup and design, it clearly your fault.
If he mentioned he do market research… then it’s his fault and you will get your money back.


Yes it might be my fault that I miss understood that, but still I we are humans and I dont think is right to receive that money if he doesnt finished the designing part. I have requested once a modification then 3 days gone down and I didnt know that after 3 days the project will be competed automatically, and he said he had to mark the job completed otherwise the money would be refunded, so what if is refunded ? how can you claim money for something you havent finished ?