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I tried to get good designs but they were aweful

I tried 3 different sellers and the designs were aweful - what do I do?

What’s wrong? You were clearly struck with awe! Success all around, I’d say.

What were you trying to get done and how much did you pay each seller?

You have to be more specific in your guidelines. Please do not give a vague description of your design. You will confuse the designer. Intense communications are critical to the success of your order.

Hire 4th one, but talk with the sellers before placing an order and make sure your brief is clear and add revisions into your order.

The best way to get a good logo/design is to tell more about your project so the designer understand more and can put up a good design for you, I have a designer that always ask my what is my project and what is it for so the designer know how to create it.

Study the designers more, their works, other gigs… And give a detailed description of what you want, even send a sketch if you have something specific in mind. A designer should know how to finish it.

From what I’ve seen design is like medicine. Prescribing the treatment (or doing the design) is easy, finding the true diagnosis (or finding what the client really needs) is quite challenging.

The best and all around the world way is to use brief for logo design. There 1 million ways how designer can do it. Use brief

Aw sorry about your experience. I hope you find someone who can make a great one for you :slight_smile:

That’s very common! the designers use modern designs from other designers, I checked being pulled from logopond, stocklogos, etc.for impress to buyers
All my gigs are my own designs, I hope you find a good designer.
Im sorry :slight_smile:

I agree with @peje2014 and @american04, contact them with “clear communication and samples” first and YOU WILL ALWAYS GET WHAT YOU LIKE AND WANTED :smiley:

Try reviewing past designs of the Artist/Designer and maybe ask for something similar, you cannot go wrong from there…

When you find a good designer stick with them and pay a fair price for their “above average services (1/4)” and make positively sure, you leave a positive feedback comment saying something like:

“I’ve tried them all but now I’ve found the best of the BEST!” or " I’ve tried the rest but after 3 designers failed, I’ve found the best"…a feedback comment like that :~D

Always send a clear description of what you need. If you have a sample, it will work wonders too. Try as much as possible to communicate with your sellers. At the same time, some sellers don’t really know their job and as such take on what they can’t work on.

All in all fiverr still has great designers…

Check portfolios! ask to see their work.

Agreed, clear communication and accurate samples of what you’re looking for get you great results almost every time.