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I tried to get order from a year but failed

I make my profile on fiverr almost a year ago but still didn’t get a single order even my gigs shown in front page. Can anyone help me what should I do?


It takes time and effort to build your Fiverr business.

Check this out: New Sellers … Success Doesn’t Come To Those Who Wait!


@lloydsolutions I tried all these steps I make and update my profile from since a year ago. But all these hacks are not working.
Thank you for your concern.

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You made it one year ago yet you have only 17 minutes of read time on the forums?
Did you do a “market” research and are you aware of the amount of competitors in the niches you’ve picked up to create your services in?

Your gigs look alright from a first glance, although there are a few grammatical mistakes. But perhaps the high amount of competitors is what breaking your client reach?


HI @abeerkhalil_97! I took a look at your gigs, and overall, they look very nice! There are a few suggestions that I have:

Like @tenebres_telrei, I agree that while the grammatical errors in your descriptions are small, they do matter, so take alittle time to polish up your copy.

I’m not sure, but are you offering unlimited revisions in ALL of your gigs and packages? DON’T! I and many on the forum have given this advice before, but there’s a good reason behind it.

Unlimited revisions on every package, but especially with your cheapest packages, makes you a target for unscrupulous buyers who will buy your $5 gig one time, then manipulate you into reworking the same order over and over again for weeks or even months after the fact, while you get no extra compensation, because you’re the one who offered limitless re-dos!

Try to cut the amount of revisions you offer to the barest minimum that you believe you can still do a good job with. Upselling the number of revisions you do will differentiate your packages, and give your prospective buyers options. If you feel that unlimited revisions are necessary to what you’re doing in that service, then only offer them on your highest tier and be sure to factor the possible work load into your pricing.

My last two suggestions would be to try to see your gigs from a buyer’s perspective. Use your analytics, and track which gigs receive the most clicks per impressions. (DON’T get hung up on only the numbers, though!) What would make you click on your gig if you saw it? Is it the image, its colors, the typeface? Or is your title what draws people in? Does the price seem to match the image that they see? Doing this may reveal some interesting insights that you can use to improve.

And lastly, you know yourself and your brand best, so show people what makes you, you. I read your bio, and while there’s nothing wrong with it, it only seems to reiterate the things you put in your gig descriptions. People buy from people, so why not use your bio to tell others alittle bit about yourself.

You obviously don’t have to write super-personal stuff, but maybe include a hobby (it can be related to what you do in your gigs!), a favorite color palette or aesthetic that you feel connected to as a designer, or even what movies you like! Just make it you and make it personal.

I hope this helps, and I wish you alot of luck!


@tenebres_telrei Thanks a lot I hope your advice will help me.

@maegan_bertrand thank you for such an advices I will corrected all these. :slightly_smiling_face:

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