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I turned off available now But still got blocked

Hi dear Respected Community of

I was online so I turned on my available now feature But When I was done I just turned off Available Now, Few minutes later I came again and checked There was a notification saying that " You have a message please respond in 2 minutes to avoid being penalized" it was 9 minutes passed from that notification I replied to that message and tried to turn on my available now again But there was a warning saying that Blocked From Available Now… But Why? I had turned Off my available now.
I will be happy to get unblocked!



Its a new feature and as you have got it’s answer PENALIZED for late response; CONTACT customer support and request them to allow you to keep using this feature.

You will be blocked for 30 days, it seems that you simply decided to use the feature without reading the instructions.

i had red all instructions also watched the video they have provided within the feature I understand that Its only for a month but Huh 30 days

If you read and understood the rules why would you expect the feature re enabled before 1 month? I don’t think contacting fiverr will even help, they will just point you to the terms. Lets say they re enable it, if you fail to replay on time and they block you again will you expect for the feature to be re enabled again before the suspension is over?

It sounds like you are saying you turned off Available Now but still got a message on it.

Is that it?

That’s a bug. It’s a new beta feature and isn’t working right probably.


I have a feeling that available now might be tied somehow to our regular response rate. I usually reply to every message within a few hours but spent most of Sunday out in the real world. When I came back, my response rate had dropped to 84%. I replied to all messages which I had in my inbox, the oldest of which was 15 hours old, and immediately my response rate went back up to 89%.

It’s like you don’t really have 24 hours to respond to messages anymore and therefore it wouldn’t surprise me if even when it is turned off, available now still thinks it is on and you need to reply asap.

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If you have more than one window open when you turn it off it still remains on. Also at the moment if you search for available now gigs it shows no results.


It must be that you missed a message you got just before you turned it off and logged out.

And a single missed message does not penalise as per my experience I too missed 1 message and replied after 5 minutes but I am safe yet.

What I do is, always refresh page or open inbox after I turn off available now and before logout / closing browser.


I also face this, i turned it off and i still can see my gig on available now.
As its a beta so we cant expect the best from it :sunglasses: :sunglasses:


but I havent violated this feature I aleays have replied in less tan a minute!!! you dont understand my post bro

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yeah exactly!!! this happened

yeah bro I had opened many fiverr atbs in chrome


Last time I checked it was supposed to be less that 5 minutes maybe it changed… Let me tell you what I think. When you turn on the feature your gig appears as available for work, when you turn it off the gig doesn’t disappear right away from the available now wall it might take some minutes. So even after you turn it of your gig might still be in available now for sometime before disappearing. If someone contacts you before it disappears then you have to reply in the specified time or you get suspended…
PS… This are my thought on how the feature works and might not reflect how it really works.


yeah thanks Thats true Even I think the same bro!

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…people can do that? My response rate has never gone below 98% (except for glitches).

That’s not how it actually work I think, or at least now how it should.

It should work like this, everytime a message is received the backend makes an API call that checks if available now is on or off, if it’s on start the counter else ignore.

If you do not reply in time, AVAILABLE NOW will automatically switch off. If you do not reply in time for three times, you will not be eligible to be part of Available Now for the next 30 days.

you have blocked for next 30 days cause you gave late reply

Someone in another thread is saying they don’t get any notifications of a message for three minutes in their email when they are working on an app. So you have to be there on fiverr and not working on something else.