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I unable to creating gigs

I am unable to creating gigs i try to creating to show error "404 page not found"I Already to create topic but no response from senior sellers :frowning_face: :frowning_face:
that is link


What browser are you using? Have you tried creating gigs using Chrome?

Was that directly after selecting “create a new gig” or after something else (like after entering a gig title)?


log out then out in again then try again

Thanks A Lot @uk1000 Its solve i try to making gigs in chrome.And Its problem is solve thanks you so much!!!


i tried on chome also. it does not work


Bro its same problem for me but it is not solved even after using google chrome
I have tried different browsers but still the same issue whenever i click on become a seller and then continue it shows the 404 error please let me know how to fix it

do the same in another browser

change your google added gmail or log out and added again. Not a fiverr gmail.clear your browser data and cookies

You can watch Youtube videos to learn about gigs.

Sam problem here, Im unable to add gigs and i am using chrome

Having same problem from past 2 days…

Maybe Its cookings related problem