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I unable to creating gigs

I am unable to creating gigs i try to creating to show error "404 page not found"I Already to create topic but no response from senior sellers :frowning_face: :frowning_face:
that is link


What browser are you using? Have you tried creating gigs using Chrome?

Was that directly after selecting “create a new gig” or after something else (like after entering a gig title)?


log out then out in again then try again

Thanks A Lot @uk1000 Its solve i try to making gigs in chrome.And Its problem is solve thanks you so much!!!


i tried on chome also. it does not work


Bro its same problem for me but it is not solved even after using google chrome
I have tried different browsers but still the same issue whenever i click on become a seller and then continue it shows the 404 error please let me know how to fix it

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do the same in another browser

change your google added gmail or log out and added again. Not a fiverr gmail.clear your browser data and cookies

You can watch Youtube videos to learn about gigs.

Sam problem here, Im unable to add gigs and i am using chrome

Having same problem from past 2 days…

Maybe Its cookings related problem

I completed 4 steps to create a gig but the finish option is not completely showing up…So I can’t click on finish and create a gig. How can I figure out this problem Please help me?

but i am trying to solve this problem in chrome . its not working. how did you figure it out?