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I undercharged:( how to set prices?


Ok so under my virtual assistant gig I had a request to copy and paste labels from a chamber of commerce directory. I had to teach my self the avery template, which I am not counting since now I know what to do for another order sometime. My question is that there must have been about 1000 labels I made and it took forever, even though I am a quick copy paster. My issue is not on this order, I agree to work for this price. My main concern is how do I not undersell myself on the next order?

Thanks all


I undersell myself almost every time :smiley: But serious now, if you find yourself working for hours on a 5 bucks order, I would say that you should either split your work in multiple (but different) gigs to handle the smaller tasks of your work, or try to do something else since this is too time consuming… you’ll start feeling bad in all ways if you keep doing a ton of work for just 5 bucks.

After all, Fiverr is a marketplace for small services - always keep that in mind when creating new gigs, especially since those words come from Fiverr’s facebook page :wink:


I had it split into three gigs…just not aware of the size of the task…


Definitely split it up. Early on you will have to take a few on the chin to figure out the workload, time needed, etc. Glad to hear that you have figured out a proper cost versus work formula.


What I have started doing is suggesting one five dollar gig on a portion of the task, to get a general idea, hopefully that works:)