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I update my Title amd Keywords daily. Is that a BAD Thing to do?

In order to get my gig ranked I’m spending alot of time in changing keywords and choosing an appropriate title on a daily basis
Rather than getting ranked my gig is now sitting on the 5th page and it went there from the third page
I dont know what to do anymore
This is my gig

Changing keywords and title everyday . I don’t think that’s recommended . Try maybe changing once a week or month if you really want to change.

Why would you even want to constantly keep changing your gig titles and keywords on a daily basis? Change them only if/when you have a legitimate reason to do so (for example, if you have a better keyword/title in mind).

No one knows exactly how the algorithm works, and the little I understand is that your gig’s position in Fiverr’s search does not depend on the keywords or title (they don’t change your gig’s rank; they make them easier to find, though) but on the gig’s performance stats (order completion %, on-time delivery %, overall rating, etc).

So, if I were you, I would rather focus on improving my performance stats than spend my time doing something that’s not really going to change my gig’s rank (editing title and keywords on a daily basis).

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In my opinion it’s really bad because whenever you changed your Title and keyword frequently then you lose your ranking also. So before create a gig or change do search properly then make it

how can someone improve his performance if he is not getting even his first orders because his gig is not ranked anywhere. It’s like a circular process, wou will get ranked whe you will get good reviews and do on-time deliveries to your orders and you will get orders when your gig will be ranked higher or vice versa

@rajibbapy if changing title and keyword would result in losing ranking then what about changing keywords of a gig already not ranked at any keyword?

It’s recommended to not change your title after creating your gig for the first time.