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I updated my gig and it disappeared from the search. How to fix it?


Hi Fiverr Community,

Hope you all would be fine. I need advice from experts. Recently I updated my fiverr gig. Before update it was visible in fiverr search but now it got dissappeared. What should I do now?


Wait a few days - it should come back. :sunny:


how many days will it take to come back. do you have any idea? and why does it happens?


Shouldn’t be more than 2 or 3 days. Why it happens? You’d need to ask Fiverr that! :wink:


Everytime an edit is made, your gig has to be preapproved by Fiverr. That’s a process that can take up to several days :slight_smile:


does fiverr team manually look into gig?


Kindly wait for few days, it will be back after approval. If you don’t see you can contact to the Customer Support.


It’s a process that’s not known to the public.


It takes maximum 48 hours for fiverr team to check and approve it. If your gig not restored in search after 48 hours. Contact them ASAP.