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I upload files to buyer it brings unknown error

pls help i upload files to buyer it brings unknown error which other means do you use too upload files to buyer

What kind of error? Try closing the browser and reattach the work in a couple of minutes again. Maybe try a different browser. If that doesn’t work you might want to consider contacting customer support.

As @annai80 said, without specifics on the error it’s hard to advise you. If it is an actual problem with Fiverr uploading, you should contact Customer Support. If it’s because you are trying to do something that can’t be done (like uploading a file format that isn’t allowed) the type of error might tell you how to correct it.

If it’s something obvious, like the file is too large, you’ll either need to find a way to compress it, break it up, or use DropBox with no other files in it. If it’s a format issue, you can put it in a zip format and as long as it’s not too big a .zip should uploaded fine.

After waiting for a response on the error type, this post is being marked resolved with a suggestion to go to Customer Support. Not enough information to continue on forum.