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I upload my design with png file but my Client ask me again and where is printing file!

hey guys,
i am t shirt designer i upload my design with png file but client ask me where is printing file . i told him that, i upload his png file with design but he can’t understand !! what i do now ? should i sent the png in direct in inbox or any other ? please help me !!


If they mentioned “printing file” maybe they are looking for a vector file?


Convert it into .PDF, make sure it’s 300 DPI if it’s raster. Make sure the size is correct (if you were provided with the size).

.PNG is not what would traditionally be called “a printing file”. .PNG is more of a web/digital format.


he asked for PNG … also said that but he said he need png file !! But i already upload it !! i don’t understand why he don’t find me !!

i know that @lenasemenkova but after that he said that he need PNG file for Amazon !! main problem is i already upload it … but he did’t find !! so now i sent the file bepore he complete the order or i told me to complete the order then you automatically get your png file !!

I’m not sure you can tell someone to complete the order to get their delivery. It might get you in trouble for manipulating the buyer.

Check that .PNG is 300 DPI. If it’s in RGB, make a copy in CMYK. Send them both files via order’s page and via inbox in case there is a legitimate issue of them not seeing the file. Tell them that you’ve delivered the files repeatedly, attach the screenshots of the attachments. That’s all you can do.

… also, it’s not a completely white design by any chance, is it?


i upload my t shirt design and png(4500x5400) pixel file in order page !! but my client don’t find it !! so this is my problem !! i don’t know what i do now !!

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This looks like a communication problem more than anything else.

I can barely understand what happened.


Why are you here asking us when you should be communicating in a calm and polite manner with your buyer to resolve this?


Then make a screenshot of the delivery with a file from your side and send that screenshot to your buyer explaining where they can find their file for download.


That’s a lot of exclamation marks, that’s for sure.

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give him EPS file for printing. :slight_smile:

No, don’t give people editable vectors if they specifically requested .PNG format.

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i explain him and told him what to do but was offline now so i ask here !! cause i do what he need but don’t know what is happening !!

ohh that’s is good idea !! i will do that right now !!

You need to use less “!!!”, especially when talking to buyers.

If you can see the file as attached, nothing is happening on your end. The buyer is either having a technical issue or (possibly) is being dishonest. Just screenshot the proof, redeliver it through the inbox (just in case) and wait for the buyer to respond. Don’t do anything else.

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ok i will do that !!

Buyer may be directed to you printing file means Source File (AI or PSD)

problem solve !! !!!

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Congrats. It’s important to deliver the raw file as well for design projects…especially when they are things that need to be printed.

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No, it isn’t. You don’t have to deliver a source file if it wasn’t requested by the buyer or wasn’t the part of the package that was purchased.

There are sellers who don’t give away editable files at all or include them only in certain packages.

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