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I uploaded a video for a gig and I'm not getting a little arrow on my primary image

Good Morning,

I uploaded a video for a gig (it was approved) and it shows as my primary image as a freeze frame (from the video) on my Gigs Overview Page, rather than a little arrow super imposed on my desired primary Gig image.

The Gig image that I want to be showing is indicated as being my primary image in the gallery section. Any Suggestions? Thanks in advance.

Tim Magee

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I checked your gigs and all of them are showing the video as thumbnail,


Your gig overview page will only show the still gig image, not the video. So long as it shows correctly on your gig as indicated by @gabrielavila96 then all is well. :slightly_smiling_face:


When you add a video to your gig this automatically becomes the thumbnail, and I’m not sure if you can set an image as a thumbnail over the video. What you can do is to add the gallery image to the video, re-upload it again, and edit the video thumbnail (option available on the gig) to show the image you want as thumbnail. Sorry if this sounds confusing but is the only thing I can think right now.


Hmm - I think we may be trying to answer different questions. :slightly_smiling_face:

Added - for @timothyomagee - you might want to look at your gigs again - you’ve got 4 gigs all basically offering the same thing using the same video for all 4. Fiverr doesn’t like duplicate gigs. :wink:


Hi and thank you for your reply.

Just for clarification, these four gigs are offering four different things. They are not duplicate gigs.

I shot the videos using the same video set up on the same day so the screenshots look the same. And you’re right, this could potentially confuse things for a buyer.

So, consequently what I’m trying to accomplish here is to get back to my 4 original primary gig images which are quite different from each other.

I’ll try to paste in a screenshot just below. This is how my gig overview page looked before I uploaded the videos.

The question is:
Does anybody know how to get back to my original gig images when I have an uploaded video without having to paste them into the front end of the video and resubmit?

Thank you in advance.


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Nope - that is the only way I’m afraid.

If your gig videos are different, you could go into your gallery and edit the video so that they’re all showing a slightly different thumbnail - might help? :slightly_smiling_face:


The only other option if you don’t want to change the videos (or the video thumbnails) is you could delete the video and you’d get back the images for the gig, and that would be what is shown in searches. Though that probably isn’t the best option. It’s probably better to edit the videos and put something at the start/end or somewhere in it that you can select as the thumbnail for the gig, if you don’t want them to remain as they are.

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Okay. Thank you everybody for your help.

I will edit my video and place my primary image at the beginning so that it will appear as my primary image.

Does anybody have any idea how long I should insert the gig image for to make sure that it will show up as the primary image?

Like how many seconds or how many frames?

Thanks again, Tim


You can add your image wherever you like - when the video’s been approved you can change the thumbnail to whichever frame you want. At the end’s usually best. :slightly_smiling_face:


The only problem is there isn’t a “frame advance/back” button, so you might have to be quick with the play/pause button if it was only on screen for a very short time before dissolving/changing into something else.

It might be easier if it was on for at least a second or 2 maybe. Like suggested, it could be at the end.


Thanks again.

You said: "The only problem is there isn’t a “frame advance/back” button, so you might have to be quick.

I figured out that you can make minor tugs on the little blue timeline at the bottom when the video is paused to advance in tiny steps. Tim

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Though I meant in the screen where you set the preview frame for the video. It doesn’t seem to work there. And it would be helpful if Fiverr added a frame advance button there (in the gig video preview image setting screen).
edit: it seems to work slightly differently in different browsers but Chrome seems worse in that section. And I think a frame advance button for helping to set it would still be good/easier.

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