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I Urgently need Help

A client ordered my gig. I sent a custom order of about 5 articles. After i sent all the articles. The client requested for modification. Not that i didn’t write well but it is because he is saying that 2 of the articles are not passing copyscape. When i use the free copyscape that we writers normally use,the two articles he is claiming are passing up to 100%. When i ask him, he said he is using a different tool. He told me the kind of copyscape he is using but the tool requires me to pay in order to use it.Once i ask the client the sentence or sentences that are not passing, he is not telling me. He is requesting modification all the time. I am confused for real. I fear he will cancel the job and i have already done too much for him. I am ready to make modifications but i don’t where i should make modification. I mean which sentences should be modified. I also cannot afford to pay for Copyscape that he is using. What should i do?

This is a message to him, but no answer. still requesting modification
Kindly list the sentences that are not passing and i will modify
Any advice?

First, Copyscape only costs about five cents (or less) per use and I think you can start with only a $5 payment. Secondly, you can use Copyscape free. If you don’t already have a website of your own, start a freebie WordPress site and put the text on your site temporarily. You can scan a URL for free, it is only pasting in the text that costs money. Take a screen shot of your results. If it does come out 100% plagiarized when you check it, chances are the buyer is right.

If you happen to be outsourcing the work instead of writing it yourself, using a copyscape cheat, or using a spinner, that’s not good enough to be considered original. If the purchase goes through, remove the text from your site then.

Last, if you can’t resolve this yourself just cancel. Writing gigs are not easy and this is one of the reasons why.