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I used Promoted Gig 10$ Gift, now can i continue to promote gig with my Fiverr Account Dollars?

Kindly help me, Actually my gig promoted when 10$ gift provided my fiverr , but when my gift balance become 0$, then my gig did not promoted and this is not clicked with any single client… so whats the reason ?


You have to have money that has cleared in your Fiverr account to access.

That’s how I understand it.

I never got past the $10 Fiverr promo gift to use my Fiverr account.

I’ll try it again sometime in the future.


I did, but I did not get many orders from it and most of them were small orders where I ended up paying Fiverr 25% instead of the usual 20% of the gig price.


I like the PPC model they have in place but with Gig Rotation and so many new Fiverr Sellers coming on board I’m doubtful the Promoted Gigs feature will help me all that much.

If I depended on Fiverr as my sole freelance source, I’d look at it differently.

Still, a great feature, I think.


You can - it usually gets ‘billed’ at the end of the month. I don’t get an overwhelming amount of orders from it but it’s still pretty decent for now. I get quite a few people hitting me up to inquire (and often order, too!)


I have face same problem. If you solved this problem please let me know. Thank you so much.

I don’t even know how to get my gigs promoted. Apparently my gigs are ‘Not Promotable (Unqualified)’, despite some of them being the highest rated in my category with 1000+ 4.9 - 5 star reviews.

Does anyone know how to get them qualified?

Yes you can and they charge by end of month.
In my opinion optimize your Gig first before you set it for promotion so you can get better conversions.

I made my money last by promoting only two gigs. It’s been days and I still have $8.75 left.

One gig hasn’t gotten any orders, so I’ve made a few changes.

It gave me one order. My cost per click (CPC) was $0.10, and since it was a $20 order, it was worth it.

I believe in this feature. In a crowded marketplace, we need all the help we can get.

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Just to answer your question, you can’t promote your gigs unless they select you. I have heard that you must have 13 people giving you a 5 star rating, I don’t know if this is 100% true. (On one gig).

I got fiverr gig promotion option and i continue it. Fiver give 10usd bonus for traill. But i have a problem. i am not able to spend this bonus quickly. About 1 month running this ads but spend my doller only 0.39 usd. I want to spend full 10usd and more promotion with my personal balance. Thank you

What’s the monthly fee anyway?

m facing the same issue with promotions. I also have balance in my account but nothing is being spent.

can anyone help me out with this? I promoted my gig about a week ago and I set the daily spending limit to $5 but for one week I have got only one click and my daily limit is not being spent. Really lookiing forward to the solution.

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I have used the gig promotion feature and have earned almost 190$

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