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I used to get more buyer requests at first, now why do I get less?

I used to get more buyer requests at first, now why do I get less? What is the reason for this? It’s been more than two months since I opened five Gigs, but no buyer has hired me yet. And I do not understand what to do. There should have been a job so far. Because I give regular time in Fiverr and Fiverr forum. :disappointed_relieved:


It can take some sellers several months to get their first order.
Your profile says you’re Out Of Office.

Time in the forum won’t help at all, unless you’re learning, and applying what you learn.


This should be posted on the forum home page.


Thank you, Senior :pray: for your replying.

you say a point that I am out of office. That means I have to attend or online 24 hours in Fiverr. Am I right?

Point two is being proud of the Fiverr forum member, that can be mature for freelancing. I want to try my best as a learner. The guideline, rules, and many other things are very important for freelancing. But it is true, I have not found a proper way yet, :disappointed_relieved: which will help me to get a job at Fiverr. Can you give me a proper guideline, which is helpful for me? Because I want to read more. Because I need to know why I can’t work in the Fiverr marketplace. I want to be a successful freelancer in the Fiverr marketplace. :slight_smile:

Out of Office mode allows you to let buyers know you’re currently unavailable to receive new orders.

As for resources: (<= with filters applied)

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Small correction: NO, you do not have to be “active”, nor “attend”, on Fiverr 24//7.

You do, however, need your profile to be available.

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If I go out of office mode, but if I’m on Fiverr, it shows me I’m online. Or I will not use out of office mode. Which one are you suggesting? Please advise me.

I cannot advise you.

I don’t know your situation. I don’t know your circumstances. I don’t know if you’ve fully read the articles, and I don’t know if you understand them.

I’ve handed you the resources, but it’s not my job to explain them.


You don’t have so much time to analyze me. Already you give everyone a lot of advice. So I asked for advice on your work. Thank you so much for looking at my post and suggesting me a lot of things. :pray: