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I’ve not receive the top rated nominations

I’ve fulfilled everything to get the nomination for top rated. but i’ve not received any notification related to badge. its little strange.

From the last 6 month i get that notification but they did not give me “top rated badge” then i loss my level 2 and 1 badge and became new seller and again i am a level 2 seller and today i was suppose to receive that nomination.

Any thought about that ???

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It’s not strange. The majority of active sellers on Fiverr have met all the requirements to be nominated for TRS.

The process is not automatic. You have to be handpicked by Fiverr.


I heard they stopped sending out the nomination messages.


that could be a reason :slight_smile:

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Yes that’s True. They dont send nomination notifications or emails anymore.


Ok, I see! I was also looking for the answer! Thanks :slight_smile:

I wonder if any top rated sellers could provide their experience as to how long it took from meeting all the TRS requirements to being promoted? I appreciate it is not an automatic process and each persons time will vary but it may give an indication or an average :slight_smile:

Yesterday (Or today) I hit all the requirements and I just wonder how long our current TRS’s had to wait? :slight_smile:

Bad news: you might never get it.
Good news: you might be handpicked right after you meet all requirements.

Many of us have been level 2 sellers since this level system was rolled out a couple of years ago and have never been given TRS status.

I was made one before the level system. But I met those requirements long before I became a TRS. There was never a time when I went anywhere near 90% on any of them. I don’t remember the time I had hit $20,000. I was on fiverr at least two or three years before I became one.

It’s not a “when” question it’s an “if” one.

I was promoted to TRS back when there were no metrics and known requirements.

So while I can’t help by sharing my story as it’s not relative, I can suggest that since you meet the requirements you stop asking yourself questions about the TRS badge.

Focus on your gigs and make sure you offer the best possible service you can to everyone.