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I very quickly came to realise the systematic failures in Fiverr - rant

So this buyer buys my first gig. He buys my proofreading gig, which is very cheap because I need to get some sales in for promotional value. The buyer will just be known as Buyer from now on, to preserve anonymity.

I spend a very long amount of time on his gig and return it, and then he gives me a 5-star review stating he would give me 10 stars if he could. He also leaves a comment: ‘Always remember I am your first buyer’.

Next, he asks me to rewrite a document. I see I would happily do this for 2 gigs, as this was going to take me quite a long time to do well. He accepts and gives me an order. I do the gig. I deliver his order very early and have done a good job. Here comes the blow;


what happen man? are u serious about that job? you have to rewrite every single word of that’

And he arranges mutual cancellation. As much as I see nothing wrong with my work and it is impossible for me to actually ‘rewrite every single word of that’, I agree to the cancellation to preserve ratings. The customer is always right. Then he removes my positive review on my other service. HOW IS THIS ALLOWED? IT’S NOT LIKE THAT SERVICE CHANGED AT ALL?

The next thing that happens is he asks me why my proofreading gig, which was originally 7500 words, has now been reduced to 2500 words. I tell him: 'that was because 7500 words took me 3.5 hours and I was understandably not willing to work for $1.14 per hour’

He replies: 'well there is too much competition in the market. as you can see there are 100 of people doing the same thing for cheap.'

It’s a reasonable reply, but he’s also from a developed country, and I’m surprised he honestly expects people to work for 75p/hr!

I tell him that I will be launching other gigs as well in less competitive niches.

The next thing he sends me is this:

'Hello there

I just upload the document that you have done. as you can see I scan your document through turnitin the it gave me 57% similarity, what ever mark in the document in red need to be rewrire, once you have done that I will scan it again, by the time similarity should be less than 5% or 0 . actuall zero is better. but some of the technical words we cannot change they will remain same, therefore I think we can drop down to less than 5%

so would like to give a go? I will buy a gig. what you think?'

So I reluctantly continue, as perhaps he’s the only buyer I’m going to get, but I realise that it is going to take about 8 hours to rewrite a 1000 word document with 5% similarity or less, so I send him a custom offer at $40. Admittedly a bit steep, but at $4/hr for me, I was not willing to go longer and I was determined to show him my time wasn’t worth that little.

He declines and says I must be joking, as there is all that competition out there apparently willing to do his job for $5, which I don’t think is true, but anyway…

I explain it to him in my terms, and after this the rage begins:

Seller: well petrus thanks a lot. I don’t think me and my friends will contact you again. you have to compete with others mate. looks like you are out of your mind now for some reason. bye.

Me (I’ve lost it now; the customer is always right unless they change your review on one gig because they dislike another for which they got mutual cancellation): I’ve got to compete with others, but I can get a job at Tesco for more than 6 2/3 times what you seem to think I’m going to accept for this gig. Competition is one thing, but working for less than 1/6th of minimum wage is another!

Seller: If you have that sort of attitude and you are more concerned about how much you are getting each hour and all sort of things what the hell are u doing in the fiveer. this is cheaper service to everyone like ebay. so you better have a quick wank and sleep under the quilt, dont bother here.

Me (I just want to end this stupid and unpleasant conversation): fiverr is value, not cheap. I don’t think anyone in their right mind in this country would agree to work for 90p. Bye

Seller: soon or later you will realise this is not the right place people like you to stay

Me (I’m sick of being told its strange for me to believe I’m worth more than 90p/hr): I don’t know any sellers living in developed countries who would offer their services on here for less than $4-$5 per hour except for promotional value. Even if I’m wrong, I know my time is worth more than $1.50/hr. This conversation, however, is not achieving anything so I am closing it here. I will not dignify your responses with a reply or even a view. Bye

And this is the bit that is making me stop selling - 'Thank you very much for your advice. I left feedback you deserve. bye’

And he left negative feedback ON THE SAME GIG WHERE HE HAD ORIGINALLY GIVEN ME 5 STARS! And I quote:

‘Not a good service, poor quality of work, I am not happy with the service received, Seller rude too, I never use him again. Profile says I’m a bright and cheerful person and have many skills. Unfortunately I cannot see any skills apart from arrogant. Waste my time and money. put me in a hell…!!!’

  1. ‘Not a good service, I am not happy with the service received’ - yet he originally rated me 5 stars
  2. ‘Seller rude too’ - says the guy who advises me to masturbate, says I’m out of my mind, and exercises sarcasm
  3. ‘I cannot see any skills apart from arrogant’ - I’m so arrogant for thinking my time is worth more than $1.50/hr! It’s shocking!
  4. ‘Waste my time and money. put me in a hell…!!!’ - yeah, completely contradicts first rating

    tl;dr guy is rude to me, thinks I’m worth $1.50/hr. Writes a positive review and then removes it when he doesn’t like another service I gave him and replaces it with a contradictory negative review in spite.


    UPDATE: I am closing this account and opening a new one. I will add a comment to the bottom of this thread from my new account. Thank you, everyone!

The trick is not to engage buyers when they become hostile like that- you will never win. That guy just sabotaged your account- youd better open a new one you wont get any more sales if that feedback remains in place. Stories like this make me sad… Ppl abusing new sellers.

One option is to offer a mutual cancellation. That will give him his money back and also remove the feedback. In that way the system is totally manipulatable by the buyers. - hes just gotten your work for free. it sucks but might be your best bet.

Reply to @petrus12321:

Did you happen to send in a COPY of the COMPLAINT of what you shared with US? … Here in the FORUM? …

Reply to @mrproofreading: That happened to me last time I posted a link to something, either the blog or something on Fiverr. I had to go back and edit the images out.

Reply to @mrproofreading: I fixed it :slight_smile:

Oh my lord, what happened to my above post?!

Reply to @mark74: Shoot 'em Up, Sheriff! :wink:

Kindly point Eddie to this article:

More specifically, the part that says: “Customer Support will recognize disingenuous reviews if the feedback becomes abusive.”

Oh my god, that’s awful. I feel you, I’ve also had my share of horrific buyers, it’s totally unfair but unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do about it.

Did you by any chance make a screenshot of the original feedback? You can try and contact customer service, and explain the situation. Make sure you provide evidence (for instance, a comment that he liked the original work and then the last part "i left the feedback you deserve). They might be willing to remove the feedback as it’s obviously in violation of the terms.

What I’ve learned so far is never to deal with people that bargain. Fiverr is probably the cheapest place you can find professional work… and they try to lower the price even more?! Politely decline next time.

Report the buyer to customer support. No, you certainly don’t have to work for 75 pence an hour. You may have to offer more than the competition to get started, but it doesn’t mean you have to bow to absurd demands.

The first thing that I want to say is that, yes, there are numerous proofreaders/writers out there who offer a better deal then you. But does that mean their quality is great? Stick around here long enough, and you will see that there are many people who offer writing gigs that couldn’t write their way out of a paper bag.

Know what you’re worth. And from the fact you can coherently string words together, that’s already a step above the rest. :wink:

I really feel for your situation though, but can’t deny that I am a little relieved. That same buyer contacted me to do work yesterday (probably the same work he had you do), and wanted me to cut him a deal because the document he needed rewritten was "short."

I don’t enjoy turning down work (this is my only source of income, after all), but I politely told him he would need to purchase my Gig extra if he wanted me to go ahead with his work. Now I will know to treat this buyer cautiously if he ever tries to contact me again. I was put off by his messages to me, he is rather pushy and rude.

Like mrproofreading said, contact Customer Support and report him for his behavior, and see if you can’t get your review back (or possibly removed).

I am sorry for your experience, but hopefully this will work itself out.

Reply to @kjblynx: Really? I’ve always left 5 star reviews for my buyers and I’ve never seen them show up on their profiles.

Thanks so much guys for all the empathy and support! I have contacted customer support. Although I unfortunately do not have a screenshot, it is still under my notifications section so it should be in their records!

Reply to @maddisont: Yep, I think they added and then quickly removed this feature.

Reply to @maddisont: I too had a message from him back in January. I’m glad I didn’t take him up on his offer.

Reply to @mrproofreading: That would make sense. I really do think it is a feature they should have. At least it would give me peace of mind when buyers contact me for work.

Reply to @petrus12321: I absolutely sympathize with your situation, but the next time something like this happens (and it will!) you should consider just cutting your losses early and moving on. I dread to think what your hourly rate for this gig has become after all the back & forth with the buyer and now CS.

No-one wants negative reviews - especially when they’re new - but honestly, there are plenty of sellers making reasonable money who have less-than-stellar ratings; and the more sales you make, the less a bad review or two will matter. Try not to let your ego overshadow return-on-investment. Remember, this is Fiverr. :slight_smile:

Screw buyers like that. There are some on Fiverr who will treat you nicely, some who will treat you like dirt. I have no intention of working with buyers like the one you worked with. I’d rather get my jacket and my hat and beg for change outside of the train station.

The second I get the impression someone’s trouble, I cancel the order. Even if I’m in a dry spell.

I’m not a slave. Go to hell if you think I’m going to work for $0.30 an hour. Lol.

People will suck the life out of you on this site if you let them. You learn that the hard way. This moment is tough, but it’s a great lesson. You’ll have better intuition about the people you work with now. That’s valuable.

If CS don’t remove your review (which they should), just open another account and start again.

Good luck.

Sara x

Reply to @mrproofreading: So buyer reviews don’t display on their pages now?

Reply to @sara1984:

sara1984 said: I'd rather get my jacket and my hat and beg for change outside of the train station.
Take along a small pet like a ferret or a kitten - those folks rake in the money! :)