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I very quickly came to realise the systematic failures in Fiverr - rant


Reply to @itsyourthing:

Well I was kind of hoping you’d outsource some of your writing jobs to me when your content gig took off. :wink:

I probably sounded bitter in my above post, guys. I’m really not! Promise. 99% of my buyers are sweethearts. I just remember when I joined the site and, like you OP, wanted quick work. I offered 1000 words in 24 hours. That’s already great value. Yet I’d still get customers messaging me trying to get me to do 4000 words, 5000 words, etc. I had this one guy demand all his work within an hour. And I did those jobs.

When you respect your skill set, I think you meet better buyers. Is someone who expects hours of professional work really going to pay 60 cents an hour?

Do what you’ve got to do to get to Level 1, then quit with the poverty jobs, I say. :slight_smile:


Reply to @sara1984: Unfortunately, I think my ‘poo’ gig exactly misses the mark. Folks who appreciate the honesty don’t want to admit it and the folks who think it’s a perfect fit for them, don’t want to pay a decent per-word.

I promise when I have over-flow (eww), I’ll keep you in mind. :wink:


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I saw it rank right at the top of the copywriting section a day or two ago. I thought you’d definitely get your first order.


@petrus12321 Really sorry to hear about your situations and your nightmare buyer. Stick to your principles and don’t work for that amount, Fiverr isn’t charity work, it’s supposed to be a business and like many of the other people here have said, it’s already an incredibly cheap, risk-free way to get professional work done.

Keep being patient, promoting your gigs etc. whatever works for you and I’m sure a better class of buyer will come your way. It’d be interesting to see how you get on with Customer Services too, let us know if you have an update. I hope they’ve got your back.


Who needs hell when you have buyers like these. >:)


This isn’t Fiverr’s fault, it’s the buyer’s! What a wanker.


This, I have no doubt, falls under “harassment”. It’s disgusting. I’d delete the gig and start again if I were you. Don’t worry about him, karma gets people faster than you think. :stuck_out_tongue:


I wait for the day when “Punch through the Screens” technology is available.


Reply to @kay2809: I agree with both your statements! xD


Reply to @itsyourthing: From what I could tell, Buyer reviews only showed up for a few days. After word got around that you could at least use a 3 star review to point out a Buyer problem, they went back to only showing Seller reviews. :frowning:


Reply to @sara1984: Do you do a one-sided cancel if they won’t do a mutual? That has been my problem, my problem buyers are usually $5 gig buyers and they would rather try to manipulate me for more work than get their 5 bucks back. I don’t want 4 star reviews or visible forced cancels so that makes it tough. I understand how petrus feels. Blah!


Update: this is what I get from Customer Support.

Hi there,

We have reviewed your request to remove the feedback placed on this order by your buyer. Unfortunately, your request to remove this rating will not be approved without the buyer’s clear consent. We review feedback for Terms of Service violations and user misconduct, unfortunately there are no grounds for removal for this feedback. If there is a difference of opinion regarding a feedback left by a buyer, then we suggest contacting the buyer to understand how they rated your services.


Eddie - Fiverr Customer Support

I’m not blaming Eddie for Fiverr’s policies, but in the nicest and most polite way possible, this is ridiculous.


I’m disappointed to hear that, shame you didn’t have a screenshot of the original feedback as I would hope they would have responded very differently with that information. Hope this doesn’t put you off selling completely and you have more luck in future.


Reply to @petrus12321: I would seriously be super polite (even though I would feel like screaming) but respond to the ticket and ask if they could please take one more look. When you don’t have any levels you don’t get priority support and sometimes they don’t give it a close look. If you are really nice and just explain that the buyer literally insulted you and harassed you (quote the part about the quilt and be careful to quote it exactly so CS can see that the buyer actually wrote that to you.) Try to make it to the point and very clear. If you need a second set of eyes to proof your response to CS I will try to help if you want. You can send me an inbox message. Sometimes the squeaky wheel really does get the grease although you have to rein in all sign of emotion or anger to get the job done.

I’m going to be really honest with you and say that it’s very tough to do well on Fiverr with writing or proofing jobs because they can be highly subjective. Even if you didn’t do a perfect job, though, the buyer has no right to say those kinds of things.


Reply to @itsyourthing: I believe so. :frowning:


Reply to @petrus12321: Ditto what fonthaunt said–not to rail against CS, but they are extremely backed up and instead of actually looking at the unique situation, they sometimes just send a form response.

I’d very politely say something like, “This buyer first left me positive feedback, and changed it to negative to punish me for not doing work for free. This is a manipulation of the rating system, and the rating he left does not actually reflect this buyers impression of the work provided for this order. Because he first rated me five stars and then changed it after I refused to be bullied into giving him a discount on his next order, I would have thought this qualifies as abuse of the rating system, since the feedback left doesn’t actually have anything to do with how he liked that order.” Maybe that’s not worded as politely as it could be…?

Did you send screenshots of where he’s trying to berate you into giving him a discount? And especially of the notification that says he left you a positive review?


Reply to @sara1984: spam, spam, spam, spam, baked beans and spam.

PLEASE NOTE: The preceding comment was intended as humor. Self-promotion on this forum is only permitted in the “My Fiverr Gigs” section.

: End PSA :


Reply to @fonthaunt and @mrproofreading: But the response review still displays under the review on the seller’s gig/page?


Reply to @madmoo: Good point. Not everyone understands sarcasm.

Censoring humor for the greater good. Since 2015 :slight_smile:


Reply to @madmoo: Ha, I dunno. I never thought the forum would reduce me to calling someone a t**t either! :wink: