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I Waited so Long but doesn't get any order. Any Suggestions?

I Waited so Long but doesn’t get any order. Any Suggestions?

You have waited so that’s mean you have wasted a lot of time. Instead of waiting you should work on your gigs to improve SEO & keep checking for buyer requests because 90% of new sellers get their first order from buyer requests.


NICE answer… keep on learning and patient

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do not wait sir… just do some " TWEAK " on your gigs, based on the FIVER GUIDELINE… have you seen the fiver VIDEO guideline ? all of them ? thats very important… i had experience about that… after 3 weeks NOTHING!, then i learn the video and just do as they show to us, and do some research about my category field… and VOALAH, i got my first client… keep tweaking your gigs,


You should check out the “Tips for Sellers” category in the Fiverr Forum! There’s some really good tips and info for getting more orders there!

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I’m getting impressions on gigs but not an order.
Will try to send requests more. Thanks

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good luck and keeping your hope alive, thats whats make us consistence

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Thanks. I learn something new.

Yeah. Hope for the best

I didn’t know that before but now i will check.

It is quite obvious to get impressions but no clicks. Buyers will keep scrolling & you’ll keep getting impressions. Try to work on images, Title & prices because a buyer will see these things in first place.


Thanks i will work on that.

I got your point, but sometimes i feel like it’s all about luck… :frowning:

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