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I wan to increase my gigs impression and views

I made a new account so i want to increase my impression and views … is there anyone who can help and visit my gigs?

Did you read the Terms of Service and previous posts warning that having more than one account is violating the Terms of Service?


but i have logged out from the previous account. what should i do more than that?

Ask customer services to delete it - you were advised to do that before you opened a new one.


Try to catch out your targeted customers? buyers via promoting ur gigs on social media. U also can search for your required buyers on Twitter such as ‘logo designer need’ search then twit their with your fiverr link who have need logo design. Sorry if any mistakes has done.

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There’s probably no point in doing that. You broke the rules, and both of your accounts are likely to get banned.

You can try contacting Customer Support, as @offlinehelpers suggested, apologize for violating the rules, promise you will never do it again (and stick to that promise, don’t just break the rules whenever you don’t like how your business is doing!), and ask them to delete your old account.