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How ? … delivered over 400+ order…should i connect with support team or what … me working on SEO related job .



thanks all :slight_smile:


Who wouldn’t want to be a TRS?


I Delivrd Twice Than You Make Me TRS First B-)


You might want to check out this post


You’re currently not “Level” 1 or 2.

So you’re a bit away from that. Have you had a terms of service issue? If so, that will go “away” with time and compliance. so get yourself Leveled Up first.

Glad you’re here and want TRS the honorary designation!


Yeah, everyone wants to be a top rated seller. :slight_smile:


Reply to @anarchofighter: He is actually level 2, click on his profile even though his badge doesn’t appear on the forums, another glitch?


he might be new in forum! badge will appear later


Don’t we all :stuck_out_tongue:


Ah, thanks, good catch.


‘Community engagement’ is one of the criteria, according to the ‘Fiverr Levels’ page, so surely being here will help your cause… persevere and have patience, I’m sure you’ll get there!


Everyone wants to be but like all social class and cliques in society, some get in the club and some don’t, no matter how much effort is put in


Same here :slight_smile:

Waiting to see that awesome message


I do video testimonials and fan signs like other girls but my gig has NEVER been featured and some girls are ALWAYS featured… why is this? Is it because I am Canadian and they are American? Does anyone else have a gig that’s exactly like someone else’s and just as good but was never featured?