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I wanna cancel my order


Hello everyone!

My buyer gives me order. that i have to cope functionality from a website which ain’t created by wordpress but my buyer gives me a wp theme name classiads. order is that i have to copy all functionally from this(html css js php) website to wp theme!

please is this possible!!!


If you feel you are not at the height of the task that is being given to you then yes, sure, you may cancel the order.


You can request a cancellation via the Resolution Center:

It will affect your order completion stat, though. If it’s something people who see your gig description think you’ll be able to do, it might be a good idea to revise your gig so you won’t get too many orders for things you can’t do. Maybe you can make it clearer to buyers what you can/can’t do for them.


Hi @miiila, OP has no level and, till today, no reviews so cancellation won’t interfere with his stats unless he is able to complete the rest of the requirements before next SLD.


Great, all the better then, he can check out the link (with video even) and request the cancellation then.


This may happen if someone understands one of your FAQ in the broad sense:

What kind of site I can convert?
Any kind of website can be responsive. CMS like Wordpress, Joomla, Magento, Opencart … any other, php custom pages, asp pages, html pages… But first I need the link to your website, to check the current layout.


This does say the OP can convert anything to this.

What kind of site I can convert?
Any kind of website can be responsive.

@engilisan Don’t you know? You are advertising you can do this. If you can’t you need to take out this question and answer from your gig description.

This is one big reason sellers get into trouble. You are saying you can do something you can’t do.