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I wanna change my review for a buyer

Please help me!
I wanna change my review for a buyer, Is there is a way?


No, there is no way to change a review for a buyer. Once you leave a review, it is final.


Does It appear to him?

Yes, the buyer can see your review on their profile.

And if I send for the help center, can they change it?

The response cannot be changed or edited unless it violates the values of our community.

Found here:


Why do you care ?
If you left honest review don’t afraid of it and let the other sellers know your experience !

It doesnt work like if he left you 5 you leave 5…reviews meant to be honest and helpful to others !


review its is not possible to change that.That’s for buyers to see.

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I thought he gave me one star, so i gave him one also.
but after that i appear that he gave me 5 star
so i wanna change it

Its actually for other sellers to see !


You cannot see what review your buyer gave you before you leave them a review, so I don’t get why you thought they left you a 1-star review.

I suggest you take some time to figure out how Fiverr works. In fact, you should have done so before you started selling. Start here:

You should also read the Terms of Service. You agreed to them when signing up:


I work in other freelancer website, and the review is not like that.
I thought it was the same here

You should never presume anything. You need to do your research. You are setting yourself up for failure and a warning by not understanding the rules and the features.


I can feel that but always be honest with reviews, Its honestly childish that one leaves one star thinking that opposite party would have left 1…

Always post what you feel not thinking what buyer would have posted for you!


Even if you could, that would be incredibly dishonest to others who see the review. Reviews aren’t a tool to promote your bias. There is no point in trying to do something so unethical.


oo sry that other seller to see :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: thank you for curreption

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No you can’t change review

I’ve given a couple 4 stars to clients, usually those who order my gig without contacting me first and later have poor communication.

Your 1 star review is either a “honest” one, or a form of “retaliation”. Based off your explanation, I feel either one in your case isn’t authentic. You basically want to give them what they gave you, no matter if it’s negative or positive.


You do have the option of replying to his review! It’s right there! You can explain yourself in the reply box. Something like, after reviewing this project I have had a change of heart. Explain the facts that you base your reply on. Try not to make it too long otherwise you may seem desperate. Just be professional but with a heart. You do not need to give feedback to all buyers who leave a review. If you aren’t certain about what they may post (and all of us have been through it) don’t write your review. The review will be public in 14 days if you do not review the buyer and then you can read it. But the problem is why aren’t you confident in your project. You should explore your lack of confidence.


I think so. But it will not be right…