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I Wanna Go Pro, Ma

I’ve completed 90+ jobs and maintained a 5.0 rating as well as 100% response rate and 100% delivered on time. I consider myself a pro but I’m reaching out to see if I have a chance - with my current Fiverr stats - of successfully receiving a pro validation from the Fiverr gods. Thanks.

You have to apply for the Pro category.
Check this out:
Scroll to the bottom to apply.

Thanks! I was also wondering if anyone has been approved or declined with their only source of freelance experience coming from their Fiverr gigs.

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The “Pros” I’ve seen as examples have been people with some kind of outside following, though what kind of following seems to vary. Some have huge social media audiences and some don’t have much of a social media following but they have proven credentials doing freelance work for major companies. Something always seems to make them very clear standouts. I think Pro gigs have to start at $100 for the base package, so the ability to bring in high-value orders seems to be important. Take a look at some of their profiles.

This is just my take on it, not anything official. I don’t think anyone can say exactly what Fiverr uses as criteria. TRS has much more transparent criteria and even the selection process for TRS is somewhat mysterious. Many people apply for Pro and very, very few current sellers have been selected. (I can only think of 2 selected off the top of my head.) Fiverr seems to go out and recruit Pros themselves in many cases. More power to ya, though!

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Thanks for the super thorough response, that’s what I was looking for. Take care.

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Don’t you need to be a Top rated seller before becoming pro? I’m working towards that by the end of the year.

I’m going to be starting $5 gigs soon.

No you don’t need to be TRS in order to get verified as a pro.

You can apply whether you are a new seller or any level really.


Hey cool, I see that you’re both! Pro and TRS.

I was not even on Fiverr at all, so had no rating :slight_smile: I can’t imagine that awesome stats here would hurt though :slight_smile:

I just noticed, Pros have level badges too.

Yes, I am all green finally for Level 2, I had only 49 orders so far, that was my last thing to do :slight_smile:

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My number of orders are very low so I need to start doing volume with cheaper gigs.

On a side note:

This guy is such a boss, 10k for a gig.

Scroll down, for 50K he’ll fly to you for a meeting and bespoke design! Awesome – I bet he is worth every penny :slight_smile:

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lol I don’t see the 50k option you’re speak of. I imagine he is worth it yes.