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I Wanna Know How To Put More Than One Video On My Gig


Hello Everyone!, I have seen some other Fiverr sellers, presenting the work they did with video thats added to their gig and presented for others to see, i wanna know how i can do that too, does anyone know!? thanks i would really apreciate it


You can only add one video per gig. What you saw was a live portfolio where a seller after delivering an order can choose if or not to have the delivered order showcased.


so can i do that with my customrers too?
how can i make my live portfolio?


Do you know how to do it?


Live portfolio is only for PRO SELLER.

Meanwhile you can add additional video through PDF file video embed.



Thanks Alot!!
oh and is it possible to put an old order thats done already as portfolio video?


I am not sure but do note that not all videos will appear because the buyer also has the option to allow or disallow the video to appear on your side.


understood! thanks! and what if i use their amv as my gig video? can i get banned?


Not sure what an amv is but since you used the word their means it belongs to another person. So what you should do is request permission from the owner of the the amv, then make sure it is not against the TOS. If this two pass then you can go ahead and use it.


anime Music video
i said their because i made it for them you know


You can add just one video on your gig


what is youe gig category?


Yes you can those amv but even though you made the videos for you clients, the right transferred to them once they transactions were completed, you need their permission inorder to use the video.


That is absolutely incorrect. Please don’t answer questions if you do not know the answer. Everyone can switch live portfolio on or off at any time.