I wanna make a team account


I want to make a team account. But i don’t know how to do that. If i want to make a team account then do i need to open a new account or i can do it with my existing account? What sholld i do then?


Team accounts are only available for buyers, not sellers.


Are you sure? If so then why do we (sellers) see option in our account profile?


It’s in the buying section - it’s definitely for buyers! :slightly_smiling_face:


Ok. I understand your words.
One question _ you know when we go to our profile there is an option to view our profile as a buyer and as a seller. Even if a seller view his profile as buyer, Is he still unable to open a team account?


Its because you can use the Fiverr as Seller and Buyer both.
And Team Account is only available under Buyers Section


Hmm, understood now.
Thanks a lot for letting me know the the actual fact.


You are alwasy Welcome


You are most welcome!
If you don’t mind could i ask you a question please?


Do you want to ask me ?
Yes please go ahead


What is BBc code when we create a new topic we usually see in the second box and can i put any kind of link address in the title option ( in the first box) ?


Hi @msrsumon
The area where we write is the raw form of code, which can include html code, bb code etc.on right side window it shows the actual output of content , how it will look.

You can read about BB code here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BBCode
Or in short bb code are short code which are used on any forum. bb code are different from html .

Link can not be used in titles, but can be used in content area or Left side box where we write.


Confession: I’ve spent the better part of the day saying this…and it’s my new favorite thing in the world.


Ya, i understand. But two days ago i posted a link where it says bb code but after posting this the system warned me and hid my post.
But why?


This may be because you did not follow the rules
Please have a loo here Forum Rules + Guidelines


@msrsumon You have posted more than once with a link in the title area. In the ad category the guidelines ask you not to do this and ask you to write something in the body of the post before posting links there. Posting links in the title field or posting links by themselves in the body of the post can trigger the forum spam filter. If you do it repeatedly the forum system can block you - it’s automatic - so we recommend that you follow these guidelines:


@fonthaunt thanks a lot for your valuable information.
But if i want to advertise a specific gig from my all gigs then how can i do that without pasting a link address of my that gig in fiverr forum?
Hope to get an answer from you.
Thanks once again.


Just go to the gig you want, and copy and paste its URL! :slightly_smiling_face:

Make sure you give a title, and only paste the gig link into the text and not the title.

I’ve added a gig of mine to ‘My Fiverr Gigs’ so you can see how to do it.


Ok, i understand but there are two boxes for writing texts. Fisrt says, write a title here or paste a link. And the second one where says bbc code or html code…
My question is that in which area/text box am i allowed to post a link of my specific gig? And will i have to write something before pasting the link or can i paste the link at first before writing something about my gig?


Just type into the left hand box - what you’re typing is then duplicated in the right hand box, showing images etc.

You can add text before or after your link - it doesn’t matter which way round, or you can add no text if you want.