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I Wanna rank my gig, How is it possible?

Help me to rank my gig. Actually, I’m new to Fiverr. I might be new but I’m an expert in my category. Due to New account new gig I’m not able to get a job. So plz help me to rank my gig & get a job.

Thanks in Advance.


Active on fiverr every day and try to get order from buyer request. It will help you to get back gig rank. Also you can try to promote your gig on social media and can improve your gig description as well.
Best of luck. Thank you.

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As a new seller, prioritize to make your gig look great – gig image, gig description. Buyers will not have anything else to base their choice to purchase with you as you do not have reviews yet. There are buyers who do purchase from people with no reviews. You just really need to stand out.

Also, I am not sure if you are able to access “Buyer Request” section, but if you can, try to make offers there on requests by potential buyers. A lot of new sellers have gotten their first job orders from there.


Active on fiver, social media marketing etc. is good for ranking gig.