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I wanna spend money on Fiver But

I have been buying gigs on Fiver now for about a month. If you can check my feedback I pay right away and dont cause any problems. I had 5 gigs lined up I wanted to buy today. I went to buy the first one and when I clicked order it said they had an issue with my payment and could not process. I have bought quite abit in the past so I know how to order, I thought the system was very good, so I thought maybe I entered a number wrong. I put my card in again and same message. I knew I had done everything correctly and entered the numbers right so I can my card on line and I was charged twice! I messaged fiver, and sure enough one of the payments was refunded to the card but I was still charged for one. Now normally this would not be a problem because I did want to buy the gig, but neither myself or the seller got a message for the order, so I was chargede for the gig but got nothing. It is not the sellers fault he is ready to start as soon as he gets some sort of confirmation from fiver. I know this will eventually get sorted out, but It is an inconvienience and I could have already purchased the 5 gigs I was going to buy, I dont want to buy any till this gets sorted out, Thats My Rant.


That’s very sad to hear. I know Fiverr will get to the bottom of it and ensure that the anomaly is fixed asap. Kindly do keep faith and be positive.

We need buyers like you for the growth of sellers like me.

Thanks for sharing.

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