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I wanna talk about my fiverr gig! :)


I wanna talk about my gig on

So…I will make celebrities advertise whatever you want for $5. Meaning: i can,using some photo-editing programs,celebrities and famous actors and singers (Psy;Taylor Swift;Paris Hilton;Marilyn Monroe;Holly Hunter;Carmnen Electra;Brad pitt;Lady GaGa;Madonna;Selena Gomez;bruce willis;robert pattinson;leonardo di caprio;rolling stones;jonas brothers;Mj;Pink;Rihanna;Weezy;JB;nicki minaj) Advertise whatever you want by holding papers that show what you want to publish…i can provide 3 pictures only for $5 in less than 24 hours.

I guess this gig is original and creative.I mean…till now i’ve never seen a gig like it! and i guess it’s a funny,creative and “cool” way to advertise anything you want!

Thank you,