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I want $10k + dollar per month


I want $10k + dollar per month, how can I achieve this goal in fiver? Expert please help


Start by putting some gigs up? :wink:


This is not possible at the very beginnig
If you have enough skills then one day you will be able to earn 10K+ per month too

So have patience in this field and never give up !


Don’t we all… :rofl:


hard work is the one and only possible way to earn 10k+ per month


You have enough experience to earn $10K+.


Don’t you say on your profile page that customer satisfaction is much more valuable than money?


Start with 1$, 10$, 100$, and you will figure that out.
Grow with time :grinning:


do heard work then $10k per month


Anything is possible. :rofl:

But I always :zzz: dream about spinning the wheel of fortune with Pat Sajak and Vanna White. :clown_face: Winning that 10K wedge! :money_mouth_face:


Well, I’d love to earn 10K as well. I think we all do.

I don’t think it’s impossible, but what I can say for sure is that if you are hoping ( or thinking it is possible) to make that much money by simply asking for advice here at the forum…well, good luck.


Is it possible?
If you have enough skills then you will be able to earn 10K+ per month :rofl:


The magic is not earning $10,000 / month, is living a fun life, healthy and full of love. What’s the purpose of earning $10,000 if you are barely alive? And when you get to $10,000, you will want $20,000, and so on.

Besides, earning $10,000 per month here is not related to “hard work” in any way, with $5 gigs… or you find a way to earn money without doing almost nothing, or you can provide the ultimate service all will buy for lots of cash… Oh wait… you read that “get rich in 1 month fast” coaching book?! Now I understand… :sunglasses:

Any case, good luck with your desire! I hope you realize it!


You are looking at this the wrong way.

You need to find something you are good at and that something must be in demand.

If that something happens to be something you love doing, then you are golden!

Then you can start earning, which is the first step on a long, winding road.

Setting goals like “i want $10k a month” or “i need to buy a Ferrari” is a guaranteed recipe to failure.

Start earning by doing something you love, and keep raising the bar as you go.


I always do that, and I love to do freelancing


Is it possible or not?


It looks impossible to me at primary stage.


To help you out of the dream.
There is nothing magical about Fiverr.

If you can think of a way to make 10K right now, just start doing it. If you don’t have any idea, it won’t happen on Fiverr either.

Fiverr is just a marketplace, a way where you can attract customers. Nothing more, nothing less. (ok there are some more goodies like it helps you in getting paid etc.)

I mean really, are you even serious? Wouldn’t EVERYBODY be making 10k per month (or more) if it was so easy as to follow some simple tips shared on a forum for freelance workers?


But to stay on topic:
to make 10K per month, you need to get 12,5 k in orders (Fiverr takes 20%).
A month has on average 4,3 weeks, that means 2,9 K in orders every week.

Let’s say you want to work on orders 50 hours per week, that means you have to deliver every hour an order worth 58 USD.

Good luck!


earning per month $10k from Fiverr is highly impossible especially as a newbie!!!